Mother's Day 2023

Hi guys! Friendly reminder to not forget the mothers in your life this weekend. It's Mother's Day! She gave birth to you. Or maybe she gave birth to your children. Whoever she mothers, it's probably the best and brightest part of her life, but GD it makes her tired. I can't prove correlation or causation, but I have 4 creases on my forehead that only showed up in the years after I had Duke and it just doesn't seem like a coincidence. 

Mother's Day 2023 |

Anyway, my plans for the weekend are simple. I'd like to get a bagel with cream cheese and lox and eat it at the beach. And then, in the afternoon, I'd like to settle into the kitchen and make a lasagna. 

A work friend asked me if I wouldn't rather Ryan just make me a lasagna, but eating it isn't the point. I want to luxuriously waste an entire afternoon laboring over making the lasagna. I selected a recipe with 8,000 5 star reviews (!!!) and curated a shopping list of ingredients all week, carefully choosing ricotta and mozzarella of the grocery shelves, reading the ingredients and feeling like Martha freaking Stewart, if she did her grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I may be setting myself up for expectational failure, but I am also planning to make a banana pudding. 

I can just see myself on Sunday afternoon, sunshine gleaming through the kitchen window. I'll have a glass of wine and spots of tomato sauce on my forehead and on my t-shirt. Maybe some soft music playing, and I'll be able to hear Duke playing outside, but he won't actually be talking to me or asking me for a snack or why teeth are white or which planet is the biggest. For the record, he's at the age that "Uranus" is always the appropriate answer, factual or not. 

Later, I'll carefully slice bananas and whip the cream, but not by hand because I'm not trying to kill myself for this romantic dream. If the weather cooperates, we'll eat outside and I'll light candles. My family will tell me all the ways that I'm the best mother ever, and that is how I'd like to celebrate my mother's day. 


If you too have a mother who is a simple gal, but also indulges in dramatic wishes, may I suggest these TOTALLY FREE gifts? This is my follow-up wishlist: 

- Ryan details my car every year for Mother's Day. I have to deal with the verbal abuse of his disgust for at least half a day - aka "If you're going to eat in this car, please try to get the food IN your mouth" - but I hop in a fresh smelling, clean car and it's just the best. 

- This is controversial, but I rarely indulge in sleeping past 6am, so I'd love to sleep in and be woken up when Duke sneaks in the room and crawls into bed with us around 7:30am. 

- Ownership of the TV for a few hours so I can make my family watch Father of the Bride 2 with me. Or not, because I don't mind if they opt out and I just watch it alone and eat all the leftover banana pudding. 

- Deeply looking forward to whatever craft project comes home on Friday afternoon. I've looked forward to this since Duke was a baby. Macaroni necklace? A love letter praising some weird thing that only kids appreciate? Who knows, but I'm excited. 


PS - because sometimes shopping does do the trick. 

I have had this cook book in my Amazon cart for ages and I finally treated myself to it as a Mother's Day gift. It arrived yesterday and is as beautiful as I'd hoped. Big too - lots of recipes.  

PPS - because in the name of Mother's Day, this made me laugh way too hard. 

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