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Professional writer, amateur everything else.
You can reach me directly at jennhodges@outlook.com

I am a content marketing professional with a background in client-facing sales. My work is focused on educating folks where I have expertise to share, and rooted in how consumers are thinking, acting, and ultimately making choices about who they want to work with, whether it's e-commerce or services. I write long and short form content, rich from keyword research and a voice that authentically wants to be friends with everybody. I also can write product descriptions, blog posts, sales copy, FAQs and occassionally, someone trusts me to write a social media caption. I lean towards humorous and sometimes cheesy. Don't say I never told you. 

Less professionally, but equally as enthusiastically, I maintain this blog where I talk about traveling, motherhood (it's sometimes traumatic, and just as often hilarious), and what I'm reading. 

Proof I Can Write:

AKA: Previous Publications

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