How to Set a Picture as Your Phone's Background Wallpaper

Hey guys - real quick, here’s a tutorial on how to make a photo or image your phone’s background wallpaper. This specifically works for iPhones and assumes you’re on your phone (not saving to a desktop first).

  1.  Click on the image so it is isolated to its own webpage. At the bottom of the screen, centered, you’ll see a blue box with an arrow facing up. Click that. 
  2.  Now your screen will have a table pulled up. Scroll down until you see “Save Image” and click it. 
  3.  Navigate to your home screen and open your photos. Once you find the picture you want, open it up and look to the bottom of your screen to find that blue square with the arrow facing up again. 
  4.  You’ll be on another table menu screen, so scroll down until you see “Use as Wallpaper” You can move it around and toggle between dynamic and non, then just click the “set” button and if you want it to be your home and/or lock screen. 
  5. All done!
How to make a picture your phone background wallpaper

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