Jenn, 32. Writer. 
Enneagram 3. ESFP. Extrovert. Likes (e)lliteration.

I read a lot, drink a little, and shop for clothes like I have somewhere to go. I don't though, so the office and grocery store are my runways. I'm also a mom who mostly just wings it and to cope, I sometimes write about the parenting traumas that I hope I will learn to laugh at someday. I have two dogs, a little boy, and a house full of dirt and dog hair. 

I write about all these things here. A little mom-life, a little style. A lot of books and booze. Ying and yang, baby. 

Edit: Summer 2020
I quit my job to travel with my family. We'll be on the road, living out of our camper for the summer. Feels foolish, but I'm optimistic. 

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Thanks for reading. Thanks for coming back. 

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