Happy 3rd Birthday Duke!

Duke is three today, guys. 

You know how they say the days are long, but the years are short? It's bittersweet how true that is. There are days when I have just counted down the minutes to bedtime and then still, somehow we're here, on his 3rd birthday, and it's all been so fast, I just don't know where the years have gone. 

Weird, because remember how nine months of pregnancy - or the last 2 months, really - felt like they would never end? 

Speaking of that, yesterday I was showing Duke pictures of him as a fresh newborn, and scrolling through some shots of the last few days of me being pregnant with him. He wasn't too freaked out, quickly accepting that he was in mommy's tummy and suggesting that he came out of my belly button, which sure. We're not making the years go any faster than they need to. 

Then he just casually said to Ryan, "Daddy had George in his tummy. George came out of Daddy's belly button." 

If you don't know, George is our rottweiler. And one that I kind of barely tolerate in my home, while Ryan loves him on a level that actually, I'm not that surprised that Duke thinks Ryan carried him personally to term. And he knows dang well it wasn't me.

Capturing this perfect age to tuck it away for when I need it in a decade or so.

Duke B., September 11, 2019

1.) What is your name? Duke
2.) How old are you? Um, three.
3.) What’s your favorite thing to do? Dancin’
4.) What’s your favorite food? Gumballs
5.) What’s your favorite drink? Goose (juice) and Water.
6.) What’s your favorite color? Crackers?
7.) What’s your favorite animal? (George) May May when he was really small.
8.) What’s your favorite thing to watch on TV? Small May May.
9.) What is your favorite toy? Um, front loader, dump truck, baby dump truck, and excavator.
10.) Who is your best friend? Mommy, May May, Jack Jack and Ralphie.
11.) What makes you very happy? Mom.
12.) What makes you very sad? When have go time-out.

Now this part is for me - little keepsakes I want to have forever - so you can quit reading if you're not into sentimentality, which is pretty much my specialty. 

I want to remember the terrible twos that never existed. The way he crams his body as close to mine while I sleep and whispers in my ear "pease cuddle Duke." That he sweetly asks if he can sit in my room when I work from home in the evenings. The way we ate donuts and played at the beach every weekend morning from May until right now. That he asks to hold my hand when we go through the carwash and he's scared. The imaginary goose (ghost? We still don't know) in his bedroom. The way he loves to wear rain boots all the time. The way his hair smells. The tight hugs. His belly laugh when he watches videos of George May as a puppy. How he runs out the door and swings his John Deere around my yard at full speed. That it's never too cold, or too hot or too rainy or too anything to play outside. His sweet voice and the way he says "lub you mama" unsolicited and never with expectation. 

Happy birthday to my baby. I love every single thing about you. 

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