You know how everyone was saying that January took forever and we were on day like, 374? Am I the only one who thought the month cruised by a comfortable speed? I mean, I'm sick of winter too, but it didn't feel personally afflicting like it usually does.

I am ready to move on though and I am definitely craving spring. The last handful of months, my capsules have been so neutral based, which is one part because it's easier, and the other part because I just like grays and tans, but I'm so bored of black and gray and boots and shitty weather. So I'm combatting it all the only way I know how: with clothes. This month I decided on a hyper colorful wardrobe and you know, if the novelty wears off in a week or two, well, February is only 29 days, so it's low-ish commitment.

And this is fun - this is is totally built from stuff I already owned. I have started emptying my closet and leaving only the capsule stuff in there, and so I pulled out a bin of summer stuff to hunt around for colorful things. Stuff I hadn't seen in more than six months and the fresh newness was all there, like I'd just bought them again.
February Wardrobe Capsule Colorful bright

Most of this stuff has been in my closet for a while, or I got it in a Zulily flash sale, so I'm only going to link a few things that are still available.

Serious Business Woman Tee - Ban.do
Red Hunter Boots - ThredUp - (ThredUp is an online consignment store and there seems to be a pretty consistent rotation of availability, so I'm linking what they've currently got.)
Pink Sperry Tenny-bops

February Wardrobe Capsule Colorful bright
Once, when I was in 7th grade, my Oma bought me an orange sweater and told me orange is my color. She had this little brochure thing that she kept in her purse and it was basically a tiny catalog of "your colors." So it was like, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, here is your color palette. If you have brown hair and green eyes, here is your palette. I'm not even sure if that's true, but as you can see, I sort of internalized it. Almost twenty years later and I'm still wearing a lot of orange.

I haven't really thought about that in a long time, but when I started clipping pictures for a pseudo mood board, I noticed a pattern: a lot of orange and a lot of pink. I also got a lot of inspiration from StudioDIY's colorful capsules. Here is a spring one and a fall one. And now I'm almost fan-girling, but also check out her house. She is the queen of using all the colors.

February Wardrobe Capsule Mood Board
So this'll be fun! And hopefully bring the pep into my step that I need this time of year.


Happy February guys. Fingers crossed Punxsutawney Phil was on his a-game last weekend and an early spring is in short order.

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