Flight Playlist | March 11, 2020

Hey guys - I’m staring down a nice long flight tomorrow. Do you sleep on planes? I can never. I want to, I can even be dead tired, but I just can’t keep my eyes closed. Too many people to observe, I guess and even though I’m not particularly worked up over the coronavirus, I know I’m going to be distracted by every cough and sneeze I hear. Lemme just locate whoever that just came out of.

I’m still reading The Hemingway Women, and hopefully will get through a good chunk of that, but I also loaded up my download list with a few podcast episodes to keep me entertained. Here’s what I’ve got in my queue:

How I Built This: Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream

I never get bored of this podcast, but I do have to wait for episodes to come out that feature brands that I care about. There’s a few that I don’t know that wind up being captivating, but I’ve found that in general, I only get invested in the show when it covers a brand I’m aware of.

If this one is new to you, I highly recommend it. Guy Raz interviews founders on how they built their businesses. Most are large, well known brands. I loved these episodes about Barbara Corcoran, Dippin’ Dots, and Glossier

My Favorite Murder: Hot Money

MFM was the podcast that introduced me to podcasts and about two summers ago, I boycotted all music for a solid three months and exclusively listened to the backlog of episodes until I caught up to realtime. Now it’s how I spend my Monday commute. Anyway, I saved and downloaded the most recent episode and I’m hanging on to it for the flight. That’ll kill a solid hour and a half.

Quick synopsis: Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff marry comedy and true crime together (it oddly works) in episodes that are essentially funnier versions of 20/20 or Dateline.

A Beautiful Mess: Childhood Magic

I started off loving this podcast, from one of my standby blog reads, A Beautiful Mess. It’s getting a little watered down in terms of episode themes, but they’re relatively short and I thought a plane ride was just the place to give them another shot.

Quick synopsis: Sisters, Elsie Larsen and Emma Chapman, take their well known DIY blog to a podcast with short episodes about everything from AirBnB entrepreneurship to clean beauty. Personally, I find it hit or miss, obviously. Still a fan of the blog though.

Armchair Expert: Dog the Bounty Hunter

Oh man, I might save this one for last (I love a good delayed gratification) because I KNOW it’s going to be great. I will pretty much listen to Dax Sheperd interview anyone, but I’ve seen enough Bounty Hunter episodes to be excited at this crossover.

Quick Synopsis: Dax Sheperd interviews a myriad of people and it’s always funny. I love these:  Jim Jefferies, Mila Kunis, and Kate and Oliver Hudson.


I’ve also got a fresh playlist of tunes to listen to when that gets old, and as always, the monologue in my head never shuts off. What if it did though?

Happy Wednesday you guys!

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