LIFE LATELY | August 19, 2020

 Okay, obviously if you follow along even sort of, you know what our "life lately" looks like. We're traveling, in a different state every few days, and living on sandwiches and diet coke (maybe you didn't know that part, but it's true). 

I'm in a wedding in a few weeks, so we'll be headed back east pretty soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some photos and stories I haven't shared in my postcards. Less travel-related and more just us. 


Goldfish Pond in Ouray, CO |

We found this goldfish pond in Ouray, CO -- a really cool place, that self-titles as the "Switzerland of America" and they're not wrong. Cool, no?

Gunnison, Colorado |

I asked Ryan to snap this picture and I think he rolled his eyes straight backwards to China. So cheesy, but who doesn't enjoy cheese?

Desert Rocks |

Cliff Dwellers Pull Off, Arizona |

Cool pull-off in the middle of friggin' nowhere. Seriously, you're cruising through endless desert - and it's like, 110º without exaggeration - and then there's these ruins of houses built into rocks. 

In and Out Burger |

First stop in California. Animal style, duh. 

Bangin' Pasta Sauce |

But for the more refined tastes, our pal Chris made a bangin' pasta sauce and brought it all the way from Chicago. 

August Book List |

Still reading. 

Rottweiler in Camper Bed |

Pooch on his perch. We usually drive with the windows open up here, so this is where he lives. 

Seafood Market in Aberdeen, WA |

Ryan pitches me on this great seafood place in a town that is equivalent to Lansing, except in Washington. If I didn't make myself clear - dirty. Whatever, I don't mind dirty in small increments, so I agree and we roll up to this abandoned masterpiece. The restaurant moved down the street, but had me fooled for a hot second. I was ready to hit up McDonalds instead for a minute there. 

Camper Dog |

Magical Painting |

Duke received a magic paint book from his Grandma Deb and Aunt Carlee just before we left on our trip, and it's come in so clutch. A paintbrush and some water -- aka no actual paint - and he's busy all afternoon. 


I hope you guys are having a great week!

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