2020 goals + 2021 goals

 Just curious about New Years resolutions. Do you make them? 


People have such strong feelings about resolutions. Me too, I guess - in strong support. I am very goal motivated, like I'll do something just to have it completed, even if I've lost the passion or drive for it. I can't explain it -- it just works for me, so I diligently write out a list of goals every year. And for me, there's nothing like a Monday or a new year. I like a fresh page. 

Last year my goals were 1.) a specific weight goal, 2.) read 12 non-fiction books, and 3.) work remotely. I achieved them, but the remote work one was a happy accident. Thanks to the pandemic, so I didn't really earn that one.

This year, I'm shooting for these goals: 

Write a Book - This feels like the most ambitious goal on my list. I wrote a truly terrible novel when I was 18 or so, but I haven't tried again since. There's something really comforting about not trying, because you never need to find out that you can't. Does that make sense? I'm forcing myself this year. Maybe I find that I can't write a novel, but I think I should try and worst case scenario, I suppose I can put the idea to rest. 

And to that point, I suppose I can acknowledge that there is some resolution in that too. This year, I tried something that I've always wanted  - full-time freelance writing. It did not work out, but I gave it an honest go, and when I moved on from it, I was very ready. It was easy to let go of what had been a life dream for literally decades and surprisingly, not sad at all. I put it to rest and now I'm free from wondering if I can do it. 

Go on a Trip - Last year is the first year I went on vacation without Ryan, and the first time in six years that I used my vacation time to go somewhere. It sparked something and I decided I wanted to visit somewhere new again this year. I am in the process of booking a trip to Austin, TX in the late spring (fingers crossed!), so I think this goal is going to be a gimme. 

Read with Duke - Simple and embarrassing. I don't think I read to him enough, so this year, I am committing to read with him every single day. 

I have a couple of "like to dos" on my list that are the usual health and money type goals, and I have a silly one to grow out my hair. I cut my hair a couple months after Duke was born and haven't grown it out since. I'm getting notices that his kindergarten class is enrolling, so maybe it's time for a change? 

PS - getting reminders that 2021 is the year my baby will start school feels like more of an attack than all of 2020. It's the first kick in my face that time really does fly. 

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