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The last time I wrote a Links post was February. February! 

It's not really a blog post if I don't spend the first paragraph ruing the passing of time and how startled I am by it every GD week, so I guess let's just get that out of the way. I don't even know what I've been doing for the last several months. Sleeping in later, maybe? Reading instead of writing? Watching The Crown, definitely. I did puzzles for a while. That and a whole lot of other things that seemed easier and more interesting. I've had about one blog post per month in me in 2021, a monthly Life Lately update, and I'm usually about a week getting that posted, so here we are. 

I expect that will change soon enough though. There seems to be a societal sense of urgency to return to "normal" with all the rushing around, as if "normal" was ever something to aspire to. I'm not supportive of it, but also I have no recourse. The world will go on without my consent. All I know is, pre-2020, my life felt frenzied and rushed and I have deep dread as I see things shift back in that direction. Alas, I am just one person. 

I'm also a big big fan of forced positivity though, so let's focus on the part where it's Friday in JUNE and there is nothing but good things about summertime Fridays. 

Summertime Friday |



Someday I'll bring back ICYMI, but until I crawl out of internet retirement, I haven't been posting much, so there's nothing to share. Here's what I'm enjoying though -

NPR's Book Concierge - I would trust NPR on just about anything, but definitely on book recommendations. Going back 2013, the Concierge is a top-notch "search engine" for finding your next good read. 

The Fashion Magpie - sold as a "literary fashion blog" and frankly, I can think of no other adjectives more aligned with my interests. Sold, indeed. I've been binge-reading post after post after post. I especially enjoyed this one: On Pride of Ownership

Golden hour swims. Right around 7 o'clock that sun is still high in the sky, but starting the westward descent and has this great hazy gold glow. It's wonderful. I've been keeping a fully packed beach bag in my trunk so we can just run out the door at 5:01pm most evenings. 

Crystal Lake |



Summer style.

Every single thing here is perfect. The navy suit. The chambray button down. The hat. Everything.

The perfect denim shorts |

Cheerful summer nail art |



I'm treating going back to the office like going back to school in the fall, complete with obligatory shopping because the only thing that can motivate me to put on jeans after that long hiatus is a pair of new ones. And probably a new pair of shoes or two. 

Like these. They'll look so nice in my closet when I inevitably decide to go the comfy flip-flop route instead, every single time. 

A belt, because drawstrings pants are not office appropriate. Sigh. 

Not necessary, but also, so? 

If I buy it in black, maybe nobody will notice that it's a sweat suit? 

And some decidedly not work appropriate items, because it's still summer after all. I'm into red now, so this suit has been in my cart for a few days. This book is on my summer reading list. And a new beverage to try while I'm reading said book in said suit at my favorite beach. 



Salads as a main is such a summer staple around here. I made this one (pesto! avocado! mozzarella!) earlier this week and it was *chef's kiss*. 

Macklemore on Armchair Expert. It's a good one. 

Summer nail art for people who have more patience than me!

I like reading my horoscope about halfway through month. You know, really see how accurate it is.

Related: I'm only sharing because I'm a Leo and apparently my zodiac wants me to dress like Sabrina the Teenage Witch circa 1999 and it made me cackle. 

"I was in labor with this child for 44-plus hours, which included vomiting, catheterization, and an emergency c-section. You may interpret this as a parent entrusting precious cargo to your care, but it’s just context to let you know how much of a pain I realize they can be. Solidarity, counselor."

If it feels even vaguely like No Reservations, you can count on me to watch it: a new Anthony Bourdain documentary

I'm getting very interested in skincare, particularly as my skin starts to show an equal level of interest in holding onto some forehead lines. Honestly, I don't know anything about anything, so I just follow the good reviews and hope for the best. 



Last year was Stephen King. This year is the presidency. I'm in a zone and even though I try grabbing books outside the genre, I somehow keep finding my way right back. Anyway, I'm about halfway through "America's Reluctant Prince: The Life of JFK Jr." and it's good. I know more about the Kennedy family than I did last year and I'm starting to believe a "curse" really exists on those folks. 

Currently Reading |



Re-frigging-laxing. This is the last weekend I have without plans for a while, and I know summer always zooms by, so I'm going to soak this weekend in. Lots of beaching and sandy sandwich eating on this agenda.

Happy weekending you guys!

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