August 14, 2021

So, by the time I push "publish" on this, Ryan will have been gone on a trip for the last three weeks. I never advertise when I'm home alone because I listen to too many true crime podcasts (lol), but he comes home today and man, are we are ready! I think two weeks is my threshold -- like I can do our normal routine and just go about our regular business for a couple weeks and I sure try to appreciate the sideline perks -- I don't have to cook dinner every night and the house does stay tidier when there's nobody here all day -- but by two weeks, I just miss him. 

So we're filling our time with this - 

Elberta Beach |

And if you're wondering what Ryan has been up to, it's this - 

The Tetons |

So anyway, it's just been Duke and me this last chunk of summer and we certainly have enjoyed ourselves. I packed our solo three weeks with visitors so that our weekends felt a little less lonely.

Ryan's parent's were in town  for the first couple days that he was gone and lol (sorry Lu), for longer than expected because their camper elected to fall apart while parked in Frankfort, which if you ask me, there's worse places to breakdown. Then my Oma moved into my basement for a few days and the following weekend, we spent with our friends camping in Empire. Finally, one of the Aunt Saras was here this past weekend. This last week was county fair week and I think that wraps things up nicely.

Fair Food |

In other news, the hot sweaty dog days are here. My friend recently introduced me to the term "hairy heat box" to describe the level of hot humidity and honestly, it's pretty apt. With Ryan gone, I keep the house locked up tight when I'm sleeping and when I'm at work, but the minute I get home, I rush around to get everything opened up. I need this though. Laying in bed, night after night, covered in a layer of sweat is the only thing that makes me look forward to lower temperatures. I NEED too much of a good thing to accept Fall when it arrives (like, no rush though). 

It doesn't help that I have this hairy heat box basically laying on top of me all night, but that's too temporary for me to complain about. Five years feels like a long time to have someone pretty much always touching you, but someday that will be a tiny blip in the entirety of his life, so I'll just enjoy it now and plan to look back on it wistfully forever.

Snuggled In |

So, I guess it's just been business as usual here. Besides the part where I go to work, Duke and I have been mostly uninterrupted in our favorite summertime activities. Chasing sunsets, staying on the beach wayyy to late, and suggesting an ice cream cone is a totally valid dinner option. 

With the Sara(h)s |

Beach Nights |

Moomers Bubblegum Icecream |

Summer Bonfire |

Happy Saturday!

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