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This feels so criminal, but I cannot sleep on the weekends. I don't know why. I'm sure there's some psychology here, but it's clock-work (literally) - come 4:30am on a Saturday morning, I'll be there in my bed, just staring at the ceiling. Inevitably I'll get up, turn on the coffee maker and imagine all the things I'll get done before my family wakes up. I'll actually do none of those things, and instead just over consume coffee until I have a sour stomach, and then come Monday morning, I'll have to draaaag myself out of bed at 6am after ignoring my alarm for an hour. Seems so unfair. 

But here we are! I heard Keith Urban on Armchair Expert talk about not complaining about small things when your life is pretty dang good. He said "there's no crying on the yacht" and I repeat that to myself and Duke at least once a day. No crying on this yacht! Weekends were practically made for naps on the couch anyway. Or hammock. Whatever. 

September Links |

I love September for it's late summer/early fall transition feel. Still a few beach days that you know I live for, but also enjoying that crisp air in the morning and evening. We spent yesterday afternoon at Ryan's mom's house and it was sunshine, blue skies and perfect sweatshirt weather. Like every good season in my life, I'd push pause if I could. Just to enjoy it a littttttle bit longer. 

I am looking forward to some of our cold weather routines to return. I don't even think about them that way until things cool down and those routines quietly begin again. Things like making a roast chicken every Sunday and watching SNL. Puzzle season returned without any fanfare. It just felt like the most natural thing to do on a Saturday afternoon when I wasn't laying on the beach. These accidental things are nice and definitely makes cozy season feel like something to look forward to. 

Puzzle Season |


Jacob's Farm // Has outdoor drinking always been as enjoyable as it became during COVID? Probably but I just love how many places have really pivoted in that direction. I had a work gathering at Jacob's Farm last week and just fell in love. Pizzas, cocktails, a small playground. My money is spent. 

Magnetic Lashes // My sister sent a frantic text a few weeks ago sharing her magnetic eyelashes. I bought them two days later. It's definitely a learning curve and I haven't gotten the courage to wear them outside my house yet, but dang, eyelashes really perk a girl up. 

LulaRich // If you have Amazon Prime, this four-part series is a really nice way to waste a few hours on the couch. The gist - LulaRoe is a pyramid scheme (and frankly I still can't believe they can sell that many ugly clothes), that argues that actually they're just a wholesaler...with questionable bonus structures....and bad business practices. Gross. But fascinating. 

2 || INTO IT

Listen, I really do like fall as much as anyone. I just can't get into it when it's still 80º outside, you know? IMHO, October is fall, so I'll shift over to that mindset next week. In the meantime, here's a few things inspiring me as I slooooowly make the transition. 

Warm and Cozy

Golden Hour Sun

Fall Tablescape


A couple things I'm shopping for, or recently scooped up

I put these $12 Target Pajamas in my cart on a whim a few weeks ago. I would wear them every night honestly.  

Related: these Universal Thread boots from Target. A little snug, so if I could warn past me, size up. 

I am on the hunt for some all-weather patio furniture. I just enjoy sitting on my deck too much to shut it down for the season, so I'm thinking some kind of heater or fire pit, a couch with lots of cushions and maybe a chair or something? Ryan's prowling estate sales while I search "patio furniture sale" daily. No triggers pulled yet. 

I bought this purse during the Kate Spade surprise sale. Told myself it's a birthday present....two months after my birthday. Anyway, I've got my eye on this and these too. 

4 || LINKS

SNL is coming back in October! Feeling extra excited about Owen Wilson and Kacey Musgraves. 

Speaking of KM, listening to her new album on repeat. 

Mild vandalization that made things better

Kindle hacks. Who knew!?

Soup sundays are back! I made this tomato soup a couple nights ago while it was drizzling outside and it felt like a GD movie scene...if movies featured Duke yelling about pooping or something in the background. Soup was good though! 

Like true crime? Here's a fun read that feels very Dirty John. 

I'm early, but like, how can I build a whole Halloween costume around these pants

Alternatively, I'm very late, but thoughts on jelly slides

Get rejected more, and other micro-habits that will transform your life


In September, I go back to Hogwarts. 

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince |

I've been working my way through the HP books, one at a time over the last few years. I read one book out of the series in the fall and then go back to business as usual. I've learned not to over consume books I love and I plan to re-read these books my whole life, so this is my strategy. I can't wait for Duke to be able to read them someday. I don't watch the movies because I don't want to ruin the true magic that is discovering the Harry Potter story for the first time. I won't steal that from him, but watching the movies after he's read the books is something I look forward to, too. 

6 || PLANS

Enjoying a 70º Saturday in late September mostly. These things are gifts, and my best friends are in town, so I'll be rounding out my evening with a little cocktail date with them at a new favorite place. 

Other than that, I think enjoying a few firsts of the season. First roast chicken Sunday in a while. First fire in the fireplace. First pumpkin on the front porch. 

Happy Weekending!

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