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2022 starting out with a bang - if the bang is the sound of something breaking. First week of the year and my coffee maker and TV both went on the fritz. And as I hustled Duke through the Target parking lot to replace that broken coffee maker, I heard the zipper on my winter coat rip. So we are beginning 2022 anew - and by that, I mean with all new things. Surprise!

Fortunately the coffee maker is an easy replacement. I'm not picky and I picked up another $20 12-cupper. My only requirement is the auto-set so I can stumble down the stairs to a full pot at 5am and that comes available on the most bargain of machines. I got my $20 out of the last machine, and I'm happy with another economy model. The TV however, that was a bigger pill to swallow. Ryan is picky and he likes nice things, but we had the last TV for 12 years, so I sat back and let him take the wheel on this one. I did dutifully tag along to Best Buy and peruse all the TVs that look 👏 exactly 👏 the 👏 same to me.  He got what he wanted. We spent more than I wanted to, but hopefully it's another decade before I have to do that again. 

Still on the hunt for a new zip-able coat, and surprisingly, seems like a good time! I keep finding good discounts/sales on winter stuff, as if we didn't just friggin' start the most horrible quarter of the year. 

Sure is pretty though, no?

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1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I posted this week. 

Full transparency, not much. Here's Last week's links


Project #1: a winter coat, duh. I'm waffling between this one and this one, which are basically the same so I guess I just have to decide how long I want my coat to be. 

Speaking of warm things, I'm very into these thermal slippers

Casually, not super seriously, shopping for sheets. Actually, that's a blatant lie. I stumbled on these and spontaneously decided I'm shopping for sheets and bought them. 

Still loving hoops. These are $6 at Target

Placed a big book order from Blue Vase Books in Interlochen this morning. Very excited about this one (a favorite writer) and this one (I have a good feeling). I'm currently reading Taste and feeling very into foodie books. 

3 || INTO IT

A few things inspiring me on Pinterest this week

Links January 16, 2022 |

January is always a dream heavy month for me, and usually obsessively about house projects. Actually, mostly just obsessed with fresh paint. At least twice in the last week, Ryan has asked me what I'm thinking about, only to sigh heavily when I say "painting this room." 

Links January 16, 2022 |

Reasonable resolutions for the year, or day. Or just the morning. 

Links January 16, 2022 |

Love this look. I bought a handful of black tapers at Hobby Lobby last week and now I'm on the hunt for antique-y gold candleholders. 

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IMG. I haven't figured out how to wear this shape well, but I love it very much. 

4 || LINKS

Participating in Dry January for the first time ever and I'm finding that I really miss/enjoy the ritual of pouring something "special" on a Friday evening. Most nights, I go for a very hardcore ginger-ale / cranberry juice cocktail, but I like these 4 fancy alternatives

Unrelated: reading the ingredients, I think this is aptly named. 

Hilarious travel etiquette

Can't go a week without linking something SATC/AJLT - I love Carrie Bradshaw, but I'd also agree with this assessment. 


Made a monster pot of this soup last night. Very cozy. 

I'm so stupidly fascinated by this: what the Queen eats every day

Personally, I like to surround myself with people who have extensive vocabularies

A friendly reminder when you're stressing about things that aren't really your problem: "I'm not on that committee." Frankly, I find myself on not that many committees, after all. 


Kicked off the year reading Bringing up Bebe, which I'm perhaps a bit behind on, both in that it was published quite some time ago, and my bebe is too old to begin le pause. I enjoyed it nonetheless and while it may be a gross oversimplification, found myself really drawn to the idea of firm boundaries surrounding a lot of freedom. Aka - say yes as much as possible, but hold very freaking firm when you have to say no. And let them sort out their own problems (I'm not on that committee!). 

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I'm simultaneously working my way through Atomic Habits -- seems like a good read for the beginning of the year - and Taste, Stanley Tucci's food memoir, which is a far more enjoyable read. Will report back if I ever get back to writing "what I read" posts in 2022. Lololol never happening. 

6 || PLANS

Well, since I meant to publish this last week, the plans here have changed. Ryan's skiing this weekend and unrelated but simultaneously, I am firmly crashing into the winter all. I can do cozy for roughly three months and I'm about there. I'm sick of cozy, I just want to be warm. More aptly, I am probably stir-crazy. The joy of staying home and watching Netflix has worn off, and it's just time to take some road trips to big museums or a playdate with friends. IDK though. Hotel Transylvania 4 just came out and we're also happy to watch Encanto a hundred times a week. We don't talk about Bruno. 

Anyway, you'll probably find me and Mr. Spiderman Robe parked at home. I'll have a book, he'll have something dangerous (like paint or a marker -ha!) and we'll just be counting down to sunnier days. 

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Happy Weekend!

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