Valentine's Day Edit | February 14, 2022


Valentine's Day Edit |

Hey guys! Any V-Day plans? We're pretty low-key. We usually make some pizza at home and I'll probably crack open a bottle of $10 wine to make things super fancy. I want to watch the new Pam and Tommy series on Hulu because that that's a love story I'm interested in knowing more about. 

Seriously though, we're coming off a week-long family vacation that was more the busy than relaxing variety and I know I'm going to spend Monday staring down an email inbox that's been neglected all week, so laying on the couch with a full plate of 'za is already sounding pretty dang good.  

How to be your own Valentine.

Alternatively, someone who has seven

I have never ever figured out how to paint a heart on my fingernail, but I give it a try every single year

Related: for when I inevitably give up

I'm in Love and It's Really Boring | to each their own of course. I know a few people who thrive in the tumult, but I stand behind this theory that the best kind of love is the boring kind. 

Interested in more relationship advice? Here's mine: buy yourself your own gifts. I like these cheapy/cutie-pie heart earrings and also these for something even more kitschy. 

I love myself soooooo much, I think I deserve two presents. I ten seconds away from pulling the trigger on this lounge outfit. 

50% off these Valentine-y pajamas


PS. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, you guys! I'll be here for the snacks and I'll see you at half-time! 

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