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You guys - Memorial Day is coming in fast and furious and IMHO that's the official kick-off to summer, so this whole week will feel like a perpetual Thursday, just waiiiiiting for Friday. But also I'll be preparing for it like a mom on a Sunday. Meal prep! Grocery shopping! Do we have marshmallows!? Can I still squeeze in a nap? So many errands to run but as soon as it actually is Friday, I plan to have a cocktail in my hands and my feet propped up in front of a bonfire with absolutely nothing to do but relax for three whole days. All I gotta do is survive this week, God help me. 

In the meantime, our patio furniture out, tomatoes planted in pots on the deck, and the trampoline out in the backyard so I feel like Summer, we're ready for ya!

Links May 2022 |

1 // Sparking Joy

Slime | Duke is very into slime these days and these are kind of bougie, but I've ordered a few slimes from this shop. They show up in these fun patterned boxes and let me tell you, they spark joy for one five-year-old indeed. 

Summer Tunes | A new summer playlist. I like to make one every summer and this year is heavy on the Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Still rotating in 2021's playlist because it's a goodie with a different vibe. 

Bagels | I am all about small luxuries and this one definitely falls into that category. I've started doing a Panera Bread bagel run on Friday mornings before work. I order a half dozen, bring them home and enjoy good bagels for breakfast all weekend. It's a $7 treat that feels like a guilty pleasure. 

2 // Into It

A few things inspiring me on Pinterest

Links May 2022 |

Links May 2022 |
Another week, another mani/pedi I want to try. 

Links May 2022 |
Waffling on a haircut. Mine is currently in the in-between phase. Not short, not long, and I dream about having it one way or another every day. 

3 // Shopping

Report out on the sunscreens I mentioned in last week's links: The Sun Bum Glow Sunscreen is a winner. Lightweight and glow-y as promised. The Hawaiian Tropic is fine, but not perfect. There's no obvious way to control how much powder is released in the brush so I'm never sure how much SPF I'm actually getting from it. 

I'm pretty loyal to Waterloo sparkling water, but picked up Spindrift on a whim. The pink lemonade flavor is *chef's kiss*. 

Ryan and I have a weird assortment of random drinking glasses and I'm casually thinking of tossing them in the Goodwill pile and getting a complete set. And I'm not consulting him because if you saw the dishes with full service for at least 35 he showed up with last summer then you would not blame me. The dishes in question are very much Ryan's style, which is to say you can't tell if they're so ugly they're cool or if they're just ugly. I will have one set of beautiful dishes in this house and if they're perfect for margaritas, all the better I say. 

And as a disclaimer, I think Ryan is lovely. It's just his taste in garage sale finds that I take issue with. Ha!  

4 // Links 

A colorful and humorous home tour, belonging to one of my favorite writers, Emma Straub. 

Asking the important questions. 

That hurts

This also hurts. I love this season's cast. 

What would you do if you weren't afraid? Sell the house, for sure. But I'm not a wimp. I sometimes check my email on the weekends and that's the scariest thing I can do. 

I love a good holiday cocktail. Going to give this one a try this weekend and hoping it's the kind of recipe that tastes like summer 2022 for the rest of my life. 

Related: a few years ago, my SIL and I drank coconut la croix + malibu all summer long and it still brings back memories whenever I taste it again. 

5 // Consuming

Listening to: Matthew McConaughey's episode of Arm Chair Expert. I just finished reading his memoir Greenlights, which he was on the show promoting probably a year and a half ago. The book was good! Hearing him expound on those stories to Dax Shepard is great. 

Reading: Glennon Doyle's Untamed. So far it's iffy - feels a little Rachel Hollis-ish honestly, and I'm not a fan of her writing style either, but I'm only a few chapters in, so I'll keep going. I did pick up Malibu Rising at the bookstore yesterday and I'm antsy to start it, so we'll see. 

Watching: The SNL finale. It's my favorite show and I look forward to watching it all week, so I'm sad it's over for the summer. 

Eating: Giving this sheet pan bake a try this week. Also interested in this crunchy PB rice cake

6 // Plans

Listen, last week was a doozy and I'm begging for just a little catch up week. My plans are to survive and practice a little thinking ahead by putting a bottle of wine in the fridge before I go to work in the morning. Then I'm going to bounce on the trampoline with Duke every evening and keep my fingers crossed that the weather is warm for the weekend. Basically my focus this week is just getting to the weekend and pretending nothing else exists after that. Which is actually not so different from most of my plans for any given week. 

Happily, I'm teaching Duke my general style of living. A snack, a couple pillows, and a good cartoon - makes for a lovely Sunday morning, no?

Links May 2022 |

Happy weekending! 

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