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 Good morning! 

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The early part of the day is always my favorite, and particularly so in the summertime. I'm an early riser, and the only one at my house, so I'm usually up around 5am, but the world feels so much less lonely at that hour in the summer, when the sun is already starting to rise. If it's warm enough, I get my coffee and sit outside. If it's not, I get my coffee and a blanket and sit outside. The dogs wander down within 30 minutes or so, and we all sit quietly until a bunny trespasses in the yard, at which point I have to shoo my barking dogs back into the kitchen, hissing "if you wake up the baby!" 

"The baby" will turn six at the end of this summer and I often wonder when I'll stop calling him that. 

Anyway, last night, I had a virtual happy hour with my sister 2 hours away and it was my favorite kind of happy hour - aka I was in bed by 10pm but not before eating a sandwich to ensure waking up today feeling just as normal as ever. I recently bought a projector, so Duke got to enjoy some unsupervised movie time on the deck while Dee and I cackled away into our FaceTime cameras. What a wonderful use of technology, you know? I think, if Zuckerbergs intentions were ever pure, it was for this purpose that it all exists. Instead Facebook has become a place where we all shout at each other about politics and IMHO that is the worst use of technology. Two chapters in the same book though, I guess. 

Speaking of books, this weekend is the annual Friends of the Interlochen Library book sale. I have plans to wander over that way for a quick peruse, but I'm also on the hunt for a good chapter book for Duke and I to read aloud this summer. I remember so distinctly being roughly Duke's age when my 1st grade teacher read The Box Car Children to our class, and I loved it so much, I was inspired to check the 2nd book in the series out from the library a few days later. I attribute the start of my love of reading to that experience, and I'm hopeful to find something that Duke and I can enjoy together this summer to spur a similar push into readership. If anyone has recommendations that appeal to a 5-year old boy, I welcome them. 

A few fun internet shareables this week -

I love this intro to a packing list

These stupid earrings keep popping up on my Pinterest and I am *this* close to buying them, I love them so much. 

On the menu tonight

Still looking to master a cocktail to remember for all time as the drink of summer 2022. Up for consideration: Ocean Water and a Gin Rickey. Better try 'em both. 

Impatiently waiting for a sale so I can justify buying this completely unneeded but beautiful top

Inspiring = A 30 Day Phone Breakup, with this embarrassingly accurate quotable - it’s hard not to check my email for the billionth time in case there’s some life-changing message waiting for me — even though it’s most likely just Gap offering me 40% off.

Facts, the fun kind


Lots of thoughts in the world and on social media today. I certainly have a few, but nothing new to contribute to the conversation. Nothing that hasn't already more eloquently been said. Anyway, the internet is a wonderfully easy way to express ourselves, but may I suggest voting? In all elections. I'm not self righteous about this - I have so far only voted in presidential elections - so I need to take my own advice and maybe I'm just saying this aloud to remind myself. Sharing memes doesn't change the world or anyone's opinion. We're only reaching the people who already agree, or infuriating the people who don't. But voting, now there's our way to take our voice and turn it into something. 

Happy weekending! 

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