Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve, you guys! This is my favorite day of the holiday season - I love the feeling of being right there without the impending doom of it being over. It feels very much like a Friday night - clocked out and with my first happy hour beverage in hand. All the celebration with none of the Sunday scaries, you know? 

Merry Christmas Eve

I'm pretty all set on wrapping things, so big plans over here today are making and drinking the currently very trendy espresso martini and if that proves disappointing, I'll switch to a tried and true peppermint White Russian. I want a Christmas movie on in the background all day long, dealers choice honestly because I mostly just love the vibe. We don't have any cookies for Santa, so some baking will happen and I've been up for an hour searching for Christmas crafts to keep Duke busy for at least 10 minutes this afternoon. We'll make some reindeer food and toss it in the driveway where we'll find residual glitter sometime in April when all the snow melts. At some point, I'll have to threaten Duke a hundred times to make him go to bed (or Santa won't come mister!) and then we'll haul down the presents, send the Elf back to the North Pole, and pray for Duke to sleep until at least 6am. Sounds so freaking good. 


This is a low commitment project that includes using that white crayon that Duke always asks about (like, what's it for?!) and his number 1 favorite thing to do: paint. 

Those dark chocolate flat pretzel thingies are my absolute kryptonite, so I'm giving this DIY version a shot today. 

More time commitment, but I have a feeling these salt dough ornaments (again with the paint!) will be a fun little to-do today. 

Related: one year, I made salt dough ornaments twice because the first time, George snacked them right off my counter. I honestly thought the incredible amount of salt he consumed would kill him. 

We got about a bazillion inches of snow yesterday and last night, and it sounds like the whole dang country is under a blizzard warning


Merry Christmas you guys! 

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