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It's been a WEEK you guys. Do I say this every week? Yes I do. But do I mean it extra this week? Also yes I do. I'm spending the next two days recovering and full scale fantasizing about an escape strategy from my real life. 

I feel like I'm being tested this summer. I don't actually believe in "the universe" or astrology or any woo woo at all really, so I'm not sure what is testing me, but I'm open to accepting that there are simply some things I don't understand. I read this at some point this week - "growth will also feel like a breaking point" and I thought I'M THERE, BABY. 

Anyway, if you too are up to your GD eyeballs with fires that won't go out - you're in good company. Mercury is probably in the microwave or whatever. My recovery plans for the weekend are to go to the beach, forget I have a job, and ignore all my text messages. Self care, folks!

As a side note, on Friday evening, I took Duke to music in the park in Frankfort and it was lovely beyond words. The live music featured two gals who sang covers of Sheryl Crow and Carly Simon while I sipped my hop water (a new obsession) and nodded my head to the music. Duke played with all the kids on the playground and the sun went lower and lower while the sky turned pinker and pinker. What a time to be alive. 

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1 // ICYMI

All the things I pushed "publish" on this week -

Life Lately - July edition. 

I turned 35

Oh wow, more lamenting about my stressful summer. I'm on a real roll here. 

The last set of LINKS from about mid- July. 

Not humble - this is a framer IMO. 


2 // Into It

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Like, as into this as I could be into anything.

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When sheets delight you as much as these delight me, you've probably already peaked. It's all early bird dinners and early to bed from here on out. Related: it feels like I'm being targeted, but would these pajamas not be the perfect nighttime accessory to these sheets? 

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3 // Shopping

Okay, I've been shopping. Indulging myself because I deserve it. LOL I sure don't, but spending is a coping mechanism and if you've been here AT ALL this summer, you know I'm coping hard. Diligently coping, even. 

Self-titled "the best smelling sunscreen" and I'll cosign on that. It smells like 1996 and gold jewelry and makes me feel like CJ from Baywatch. Really coddles my delusions of grandeur. 

I picked up these robot fishes for Duke on Prime Day and listen, we let AI write everything. Why not swap our pets for robots? It's the future, baby. 

Still loving this retinol eye stick. Might be placebo but I really feel like I see a difference in my baggies. 

Haven't pulled the trigger, but I'm THIS close. I love these cheerful little towels

Also on my "maybe" list because I feel like I should at least try to break my flip-flop habit - these J Crew slides. I like them, but I don't love them yet. 

Related: I saw someone wearing these Birks last night and I do like them, but they're SO expensive. I'm just not convinced. 


4 // Recently Enjoyed

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Traveling with an Aperol Spritz in a water bottle, because I like luxury, but like, the relatable kind

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5 // Links

Claudia Ravioli is my new favorite instagram to follow. I laugh until I cry. 

Was Big a big mistake? OF COURSE he was Carrie. Miranda told you this in that thrift store in season 3!

Okay, you have my attention: a questionable - but probably great - summer reading list

You cannot be an imposter at being yourself

Barbie's Dream House in every state. SO GOOD!

These are so fun - I bought a temporary tattoo and currently have it perched up on my shoulder. They definitely look real and last about 2 weeks. Perfect for the commitment-phobe. 

I picked up this book as a birthday gift to myself. V excited to read. 

Oh my god, this is the stage of parenting I'm currently in right now and I've never been so consistently wrong in my whole life. 


6 // Consuming

Reading: My MIL gifted me The Guest for my birthday and I'm a few chapters in right now. I'm getting thriller vibes. Alex is a high-ish end call girl in the Hamptons for the summer and is about to get the boot from her current, shall we say, employer. There's also some mysterious guy - Dom - who's blowing up her phone. Feels like the kind of thing Reese Witherspoon will turn into a hulu series in 2024. I'll report back. 

Watching: Mario. Four times a day since it came out on Peacock on Thursday. Honestly, I don't even mind yet. It's pretty engaging. 

Eating: It would not be an exaggeration to say I'm living off this salad lately. I've made it several times in the last week. It's really good, really filling, and if you have 10 minutes that you can invest in chopping a few things, you're set. 


7 // Plans

My favorite semi-secret beach today, after cavorting around Benzie county looking for donuts, garage sales, and maybe a farmers market. 

Sunday looks like rain, which I'm like, can't you do that on a work day? I'm hoping it's like a 30% chance at 4pm or something. I do have some house projects I've been neglecting though, so if I'm forced inside, I'll accept it as forced productivity too. We'll see. 


Happy Weekending folks. I sincerely wish for us all a smoother week on Monday, and in the meantime, two days full of distractions. Cheers!

PS - there are some affiliate links in here, but aren't they everywhere? If you click on a link, they'll throw me a couple pennies for our combined hardwork, so I guess click with caution. 

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