Morning guys! Isn't October just the nicest?

I'm really looking forward to the winding down this year. I always know what I say too much because Duke will start repeating it, and usually use it pretty correctly. Which is why we can't say the "f" word in our house anymore. Anyway, Duke has recently picked up telling us he's "too busy" to do whatever it is that we asked him to do. Like, "hey buddy, you want to eat some dinner with us?" He'll look up from his race cars and say "so sorry guys. Too busy!"

The summers are always so busy at work and at home and I feel like I need a little Saturday afternoon in my life. You know, the errands and crossing off the to-do list, but not quite Sunday morning sleeping in. Not yet, anyway. I just looked at my list of actionable goals that I wrote in January. Now, in the last quarter of the year, I have literally done none of them.

There's no overtime in real life, so I guess it's time to get cranking on those things and I'm just really delighted that it's just the time of year when things slow down. The sun turns out the lights a little earlier and it's easier to hunker down at home and finally get those walls painted or the fridge cleaned out, you know?


Fall Greenhouse filled with Pumpkins

Fall is such a short season in northern Michigan, so I'm really power-packing our weekends with all the festive stuff I can find. I just looked at something I wrote on the blog last November and at that time, I casually mentioned it was snowing hard, which just reminds me that we're not so far away from winter. Bummer right? So for today, I'm jamming in every pumpkin carving, donut eating, cider drinking opportunity that I can locate in a 25 mile radius.

Duke's into it.

He's wearing the tiniest 12-18mos little vest here and he just insisted on it. It's so hilariously small on him.


October Pumpkins

Stopping anywhere I see a wall of pumpkins.


This week, my actual dream came true at work. I'm moving into a writing role and that transition starts next week. I moved offices and everything and it was a little emotional packing my desk up, which even I can't explain because I literally just moved down the hall. Emotions are weird. But Sales has been one of those rite-of-passage chapters in my life's book and I felt a little wistful putting all of it in a cardboard box and carrying it to my new desk.

Full steam ahead though, because take those wistful feelings and multiply them times a hundred, and that's how excited I am to write and research and think creatively for a living. This has been my goal since the first time I hit "publish" on a Xanga post circa 2004.


Last week, I shared my October Capsule Wardrobe. 19 days in and it's still rockin'. I kind of waffling on dragging it into November as is, or maybe creating a new capsule. We'll see how bored I am of all my orange shirts next week - ha!

Speaking of weekend projects, I've been avoiding Duke's bedroom for a good month now. It's a mess - toys everywhere and a rug that has about seven questionable spots. He does a pretty good job of cleaning up his toys now, but only because after a really good and frustrating day, plus his "too busy!" line, I threatened to toss everything left on the floor after five minutes. He thought he'd call my bluff, which is hilarious, and into the trash about two baskets of cars went.

You want to see how quickly a little boy can learn, I offer you this lesson in threatening. Anyway, we need to tackle that room now and maybe remove all those too small clothes from the closet.


So that's the Hodges' Ranch this week. Catch up next week?

Happy Saturday! [left-sidebar]

Fall Colors in Northern Michigan M72

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