LIFE LATELY || April 18, 2020

I'm out of sorts this week. A few of my friends got laid off from their jobs and it just finally hit home. I had toxic positivity going on for a while, thinking I'd just work from home and ride out the storm and eventually go on with my life, but the longer this goes on, the more I start to feel like maybe I might be in trouble. My job is fully rooted in people getting together in large groups and being together outside. Frankly, I'm not sure that industry is going to bounce back immediately. Cherry Festival, which is usually early July, got canceled this week and that just kind of solidified for me that even though our shut-in mandate is scheduled to end this month, things might not go back to our former version of normal for a long time.

I'm not laid off yet, but I love nothing more than getting worried about things that could happen, might happen, might never happen. I'm well-practiced at worrying about the future.


In happier news, I deleted everyone who stresses me out on Facebook. And I tried to bleach my hair, but it didn't lift very much and while being a little bummed out about it, Ryan rightly noted that bleach box kits can be seriously catastrophic, so my disappointment is a pretty mild one. I started keeping lists of things I'm grateful for each day and that's a pleasant way to end the day. And finally, Sephora is having an annual sale, which isn't even that great of a sale, but online shopping is my favorite coping mechanism so I'll go for it.


It was Easter last week, and Duke is at this really fun age where he comprehends holidays, so his anticipation is infectious. He was so amped for the Easter Bunny and he woke up early to go find those eggs. It rained the night before, so I set an alarm to get up and hide them before everyone woke up. Then I had a nightmare that George ate them, so I popped out of bed and was darting around my yard in the dark around 5.

Please note Duke's face. This is immediately after Ryan told him that the Easter Bunny poops out the eggs and that they're basically candy-filled turds.


Duke is living large these days. Ryan and I are both working and obviously childcare is out of the question, so there's a lot of tag-teaming and relying on the PJ Masks to take care of Duke for a hot minute. Duke's a smart little turkey - he knows this is party-time - so he is taking full advantage. I found him treating himself to a little sink bath a couple days ago while I was on a call.

Please take notice of the water gun behind him.


We're spending a lot of time outside. It'd be cool if the weather warmed up, but I'm grateful enough for the sun. Cold and sunny sure kicks the crap out of cold and rainy.


Looks like it's going to be another nice day that I can't leave my house, so I'll be over here mixing up fancy Pinterest cocktails starting at 10am and googling how to make that weird coffee foam that I keep seeing all over Instagram.

Happy weekending you guys!

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