5 Things I'm Grateful For | November 10, 2020

The other day, I'm checking out at the grocery store and, standard fare, my wild child is bouncing around the cart and probably going "mom mom mom" on repeat because I have to talk to the cashier and he can't be the center of attention. No biggie - this is pretty normal and I've got four years of professional-level experience just tuning it out. Anyway, Duke is like, mid-cartwheel when the cashier goes, "you're lucky you only have one kid. My mom had six." 

Lol forever. I mean, it's problematic to say that for a few reasons, but what almost came out of my mouth was "it's not luck, guy. It's an IUD." But I didn't actually say that. I just laughed and carted my crazy kiddo away with me, feeling lucky indeed. 

People. You know? 

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1 | The Election is Over

Whether your first choice won or lost, isn't a friggin' delight to be done with the calls, texts, and endless mailers? And this is a little flip, I guess, but man - Trump's Twitter account is even more entertaining than usual. 

2 | Wedding Pics

My sister got her wedding photos back this week and what a hoot I had, checking out every picture of Duke. I self-soothe the hardest weeks of parenting by remembering that everything is a phase. Well, wedding-week was a wild "phase" for Duke and he was particularly uncooperative. A couple pictures of him turned out exactly the way I thought they might. But I also learned that magicians and photographers are in the same line of work. There are so many pictures that make him look like a cheerful little lamb. 

3 | Back to Work

If you decided not to crawl through the wall of text on my links post on Friday - I'm going back to work this week. Same job, same place, and if you talked to me at all back in June, you probably know that I was very anxious about regretting my decision to leave a good job with coworkers I like. That all feels like such a luxury and I am so so so grateful to still have a place there. I'm looking forward to feeling productive and like a serious businesswoman again. 

4 | Daylight Savings

At risk of sounding like an insomniac or lunatic, I'm just going to tell you that I'm an early riser and happily so. And I love that daylight savings makes it easier for me to hop out of bed even earlier. I've been waking up naturally at about 4-4:30am and having those few hours every morning before my family (and even my dogs!) get up, is so integral to the overall pace of my day. I feel like I get such a headstart. 

5 | Armchair Expert with Matthew McConaughey 

I love Armchair Expert because I think Dax Shep is a great interviewer. I usually enjoy interviews most when I'm familiar with both people, but Dax is just very engaging and entertaining, so I'll listen to the unfamiliar as well. His interview with Mr. Alright Alright Alright was great. Lots of laughs. Lots of WTFs. Definitely worth a listen. 

What are you grateful for this week? 

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