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Another month, another opportunity to pretend I have something interesting to talk about. 

Playing in the Snow |

Let's see - how was February? It was its typical self, but it didn't feel as long as it usually does, so I'll accept that as a silver lining. 

Big surprise, we stayed home all the time and now I'm just counting down the imaginary number of days until we can be outside with people we enjoy again. I just want to sit on a patio with a pitcher of margaritas with my gal pals again while our kids run screaming through a sprinkler. I'm a simple girl, I have simple wishes. Just give me 80 degrees and a big ol' bucket of tequila. 

In the meantime, we're just making the best of things and actually enjoying the heck out of blue skies, lots of sun, and a fresh blanket of snow every morning. There's worse things, you know? 

Lake Michigan in February |

Kicked off the month at one of my favorite places, St. Ambrose. We made a ladies weekend out of it with some family, and jogged ourselves over to Iron Fish as well. I am all too happy to support these two places and the outdoor igloos are downright cozy. 

St. Ambrose Cellars |

St. Ambrose Cellars |

Aside from that, grocery shopping is still my main outing each week. Duke is 1000% over it. 

Duke is not amused |

Speaking of him, Duke recently did a complete 180 on his feelings about clothes. Four years of that bare butt running around and it didn't matter if it was January or July, he was naked. Two weeks ago, he came downstairs fully clothed and I don't think I've seen him naked since. He won't leave the bedroom in the morning without being fully dressed. We're talking jeans, hoodie, socks and usually a ball cap at 6am. He comes sliding down the banister every day ready to roll and I, for one, am delighted. 

He also says "party on" and "excellent" regularly, but he is not familiar with the source. 

Duke is dressed! |

Peeping in the background of that picture is a small pile of furniture I accumulated during the baby years, and couldn't get rid of because "what if" perpetually haunts my brain about everything, but especially things that snowball into large investments. 

I've started slowly finding new homes for these things and while I still feel so confident that our family is complete, it feels a little bittersweet to be closing the door on that chapter of our lives. But then I sleep all night long and I feel just fine again. :)

Other than that, I'm just doing my boring same old same old. 

Like roasting a chicken for dinner every single Sunday. It's a nice, cozy routine and I've learned that as long as you baste the hell out of it, it's very hard to wreck a chicken. 

Sunday Chicken |

Still doing lots of puzzles, but I expect that will wrap up for the season soon. It's very much a cold weather activity around here and I am hopeful that spring is well on its way. As soon as we can be outside again, even thinking about perching at the table for hours is going to be over. 

Novel Puzzle  |

Setting up camp and stringing lights across the room like stars, so the dogs have an exciting place to take a nap. 

Jack in a Tent |

Lastly, I'm just anxiously anticipating spring and looking forward to March. I feel like this is when we start having some surprise nice days and even if it doesn't break 40º, it's basically merging onto the highway headed straight to summer. Might take a while to get there, but we're on our way. 

George sure does look cute in a winter wonderland though. 

George in the Snow |

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