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You guys, I'm actually kind of sad to be writing this post because if you haven't noticed, I get kind of frantically anxious about how speedy the days go by, and June - one of the best months of the year - is over again. Dangit. It's like waking up on Saturday morning. You still have a nice long weekend ahead, but the Friday afternoon anticipation is gone and Monday just got herself a tiny bit closer. Sigh. 

But we're settling right on in and there is plenty of summertime ahead, so I'll just be putting that on my silver-linings list and get vigilant about being positive. The gateway to summer has opened and June was just the most glorious entrance. It came in hot, stayed hot, and ushered in the a nice preview of the upcoming dog days, which are truly my favorite. Here's to sticky popsicle hands, smelling like sunscreen, and sitting on the deck until it gets dark every night. I love summertime. 

Frankfort Beach |

So June! Let's see, we pretty much moved to the beach. I used to be a diehard Frankfort beach dweller, but since Duke quit being a baby and turned into a kid - warning that I'm on the brink of more frantic anxiety - we're much more comfortable playing at Crystal Lake in Beulah. There's a playground right on the beach, and the lake doesn't go straight to Wisconsin, so he can safely run back and forth between the slide and swimming without me succumbing to constant worry. He enjoys the independence and I enjoy my book. We're both happy. 

Crystal Lake Beach |

Speaking of books, I've really been cranking through them lately. With so many beach evenings and just sunlight late into the day in general, I've been reading quite a bit. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion was my favorite, but for a more beachy-read, The Nest was light and entertaining. 

A quick synopsis: three seemingly normal siblings + their fuck up brother find their inheritance in limbo when said fuck up brother royally fucks up. And the three seemingly okay siblings are no angels either. Everyone comes with their baggage power-packed with flaws. 

I also finished America's Reluctant Prince: The Life of JFK Jr. | Where'd You Go, Bernadette? | The Future Homemakers of America

The Nest Novel |

In other news, we have a "shop" now. It's a process, but my garage is slowly emptying out as Ryan moves his business to the new place and you guys, I officially have something to look forward to when it snows: parking my car in the garage. See? Silver linings! Thirteen years with this man and I can count on one hand the number of times I've parked my car in our garage. Twice maybe?

Of course I'm making this about me and how it can serve me, but for real, I'm excited for Ryan and his brother to have this space for all their projects. It's a big upgrade from working in our unheated, packed to the gils, home garage. Duke is jazzed too. He loves going to work with Dad in the morning. 

The New Shop |


Let's see, lots of sister bonding in June. I spent a weekend camping with Ryan's sisters, and then the last weekend of the month, a couple of my sisters were in town. I guess Ryan and I both come from families that run high with girls. 

The camping weekend started as a girls trip, aptly called daughters and dogs weekend, but then Duke wanted to come and I'm not saying no to spending time with my baby while he's still little enough to enjoy hanging out with me. We refreshed the name to daughters, dogs and Duke weekend and had a regular old blast. Can you spot that little pork chop in the picture below? Just hamming it right up. 

Dogs, Daughters and Duke |

My sister Samantha's birthday was at the end of the month, so we celebrated that with a little wine tasting on OMP. It poured the entire time, but so did the sommeliers, so on we carried.  

Wine Tasting in the Rain |


A quick flurry of nice things -

Iron Fish Cocktails |

The strawberry rhubarb smash and strawberry mojito I shared with my sister at Iron Fish out in Thompsonville are *chef's kiss*. So so good. I frankly remain unconvinced there was any hard liquor in either of these. 

Jack's Summer Haircut |

Jack got his summer cut and Duke was just over the moon about how cute he looked. 

Dock Jumping |

Really diligently working on his "pier jumping" skills/courage. To be clear, this is a dock, but if he feels like it's a big act of bravery, then so do I. We see people jumping off the pier in Frankfort all the time, and obviously I would never let Duke do that, but he aspires so hard to be a big boy, so for now, we practice over at Crystal Lake. 

Frankfort Beach |

Still finding our way over to Frankfort though, if for nothing else, the Moomers ice cream shop downtown. This was just a wonderful 75º Friday evening, early in the month when it still felt lucky to be so warm. 

Inland Lake Swimming |

Another one from dogs, daughters, and Duke weekend. A few minutes after this picture, the sky opened right up and poured for a good 15 minutes. It was that nice, warm summery rain though, and I don't think it convinced anyone to leave the water. I waited it out under a pavilion while these turkeys splashed around, biz as usual. 

Bagels at Brew in TCMI |

Honest to God, my favorite luxury is a toasted bagel that is not thrifty with the cream cheese. Load 'er up. 


For posterity, I'd also like to make a note that June is the month I left a screen door open at 6am and a bird flew straight into my house and went for a glide around my living room, while I crawled on the floor, suddenly terrified of tiny birds I guess. He made it right back out safe and sound, but I haven't made that mistake again. 

It's also the month that a bear ambled across my front yard and now I'm on constant bear watch. My dogs so much as sniffle while looking out the window and I'm like "where is it, boy?"  Big month for wildlife over here. 

Happy July! More good things to come, I can just feel it!

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