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Okay, so probably like everyone else who has a kid in their life under the age of ten, we've spent the last several weeks watching Encanto on repeat and iykyk, one particular song has been on repeat so many times, I think I hear it in my sleep. 

I wish we didn't talk about Bruno. But we do. We talk about Bruno a lot. 

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And we also make a lot of cookies. While Bruno plays 37 times in the background. 

Seriously though, I think I love the movie as much as Duke does. It is so so good and Disney found such a song-writing treasure in Lin-Manuel Miranda. I didn't know this until recently, but he wrote all the music for Moana, which I loved as well. When I think back to the movies that Disney was churning out when I was a kid -- The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc -- the writing was fine, but like, a little too wholesome and boring. The newer movies have so much more personality and just clever lyrics with some sass. I think I enjoy these movies that Duke is growing up with so much more than the ones my parents had to suffer through. Beyond the nostalgia, I really don't care if I ever see The Little Mermaid every again, but I could watch Coco three times this week and not mind at all. 

SO that's what we've been up to! For real though, still mostly bundled up inside. It's the face-hurting kind of cold right now, but as with anything sucky, I remind myself it's just a season (and in this case, literally so) and it's alllllll temporary. Almost done with January, February is a short month, and then March usually starts showing up with a few nicer days. We're getting there guys!


1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I've been writing about lately -

Everything I read in January. Four good ones that I'd totally recommend!

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Three things I recently bought and loved:

-  this Flamingo body lotion // smells really nice, but subtly so. And a real moisturizer, not like just a nice smelling lotion. It actually locks in some hydration. 

- This warmish gray Behr paint called Cracked Pepper. And then I went to freaking town with it. Fresh paint in a couple rooms in my house and I love it. 

- These Mickey Mouse face masks for an upcoming trip to Disney. Cheesy and I am here for it. 

Sale Snack // J.Crew Factory is running their additional 60% off clearance sale that's worth a scroll. This sweater + the matching pants (red alert: same soft yarn material!) are in my cart for sure. These Vans have Valentine's vibes if you're into that, which I most definitely am. 


3 // INTO IT

A few things inspiring me on Pinterest this week - 

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Links January 2022 |
Dreaming about and always pinning tiles for the entry of my dreams. 

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4 // LINKS

Are you playing Wordle? The internet convinced me and it is so fun. 

Kid's love languages. Screen time + slime. You got my kid's LL to a tee. 

Emma Straub is one of my favorite writers, but I had no idea she owns this iconic bookstore! Such a fun origin story. 

I enabled "downtime" on my iPhone earlier this month. It shuts down all my apps at 7pm and makes me feel like an asshole if I click "ignore" to turn them back on (one-by one!). The tiniest amount of friction reminds me to quit scrolling and dropped my screen time by half (!!!). That and other tech hacks to find a better balance. PS I do consider disabling it literally every single day - ha!

How do you start your day?

Nearing the end of January. Are your resolutions still in place? Here's a thought

Sort of related



Oh boy, I'm a handful of chapters into The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort. Honestly, he's not a great writer, but he's sure got a story to tell. 

I've seen the movie so I knew it was going to be a wild one, but I was ill-prepared for how often I'd read about his wife's ass. Remember that cringey scene in their daughter's nursery? That's chapter 2 and it goes on for a lot longer than the movie did. I squirmed it was so uncomfortable. PS do not watch this movie with your parents. And do not recommend this book to them either.


6 // PLANS

Okay, so last weekend, Ryan was in Colorado and I used the opportunity to paint a few things without his commentary. It went great! This weekend I have a couple more projects, but mostly just touch up and maybe conferring with Pinterest on some ideas for the main floor bathroom. 

If you've ever seen our - ahem - citrusy green island, here's my project from last weekend:

Links January 2022 |

If you haven't, it makes a brief appearance in this post. In general, it's a story for a different day, but suffice to say that I didn't like the green from the day it went on and last weekend, I guess I just got real sick of looking at it. 

This is the picture I took and almost sent to Ryan a hundred times before I decided, you know, it's really just nicer to be surprised. 

We've also been stuck at home all week, so I need to grocery shop. So as you can see, my weekend is riveting. How many more days until summer again? 

Happy weekending!

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