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Hi! What are you up to this weekend? Duke and I are headed to fall fest in Frankfort to watch giant pumpkins be dropped on cars and maybe catch the free showing of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown at the Garden Theatre. Also, my very best friends are in town for the weekend. All this is making for a very good two days indeed! 

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So the big news here this week is that Duke broke his arm, and honestly, I'm just surprised we made it this long without injury. He jumped off a swing at school, which is business as usual, but this time he landed a little wonky on his arm. He's in good spirits though! His Spiderman costume fits over the cast, so basically no harm, no foul. 

It does, unluckily for him, come at a bad time (is there a good time to break one's arm?). He got in a little trouble at school and we grounded him from the TV (God, I feel like such a '90's mom when I say that). The first night, pre-broken arm, there was a little bit of whining, but he spent his evening playing with his toys rather than staring at a screen, and Ryan and I gave ourselves a little pat on the back for parenting gone right. But now he's down to one hand, which doesn't bode well for building things with legos. Kids are wildly resilient though, and he's figuring it out. He can snap his jeans shut with one hand, pull on his shoes with one hand, practicing writing right along with his class as usual, albeit with his left hand. The only thing he hasn't quite worked out? Cleaning up his toys with one hand. Ha! 

1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I've published lately

The Best of Summer 2022

Parenting. Sometimes it pangs, you know? 

You can just never be too careful


So I guess Target has deal days in October now? I'm not poo-pooing it or anything, but doesn't it seem like everything is always on sale, all the time? I am, however, not opposed to getting a headstart on holiday shopping. Duke B has his eye on this and I'm hoping this could help us with the transition to sleeping in his own room. 

Okay, Old Navy. Happily surprised by this year's selection

I got these velvet blackout curtains this week from Amazon and I love them. Big plans to hibernate alllllll winter long. 

3 // INTO IT

All things fall, GD it. It came and got me. 

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Gives me flashbacks to high school and I just want to bring all the checks into my house. 

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I'm getting the itch to cut my hair again and I think I'm going to go for it. 

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My kind of decorations. AKA lazy. 

4 // LINKS

Every celebrity has a booze brand now, no? Here's a breakdown on the best of Hollywood's liquors

This is encouraging - criticism is part of life, take it with a grain of salt. "If the likes of Nora Ephron or Toni Morrison or Lorrie Moore can garner reviews with comments like “disappointing,” “just ok,” and “not my thing,” then surely we would all be wise to take our criticism with a grain of salt."

I'm not sure Duke is too old for this, but it's so cute that I'm willing to order it just to find out. 

This book was a surefire win though. 

Some of them I get, most of them I don't. Lots of butterflies, and if Miss Michigan didn't dress up as a pothole, then she did not understand the assignment. 

Cosigned on most of this, but especially the bit about the ideal lunch containing four beverages. 


Reading: I just picked up The Flight Attendant by Chris Bojahlian, which feels like a good October read. Thriller, but not scary (so far). I'm not too far in, but the premise is a flight attendant with a drinking problem hooks up with a guy on her flight to Dubai. When she wakes up the next morning next to him, he's dead. Whodunit?! She was black out drunk, so maybe her? 

Watching: Hocus Pocus 2 of course, and everything else not too scary on DisneyPlus. HP2 is fine by me -- I know some people don't love it, but I don't really love the first one either so I was neither pleased or disappointed. They both have the same vibe in my opinion so I'll probably watch them both every year, and you can't beat a Bette Midler singing performance. 

Eating: Duke carved a pumpkin promptly on October 1st, so we obviously roasted those seeds. George got into them almost immediately and and puked them up all over the carpet, God bless him. So we're not eating those. Instead, I finally used up our summer tomatoes to make this roasted tomato soup, and it's a winner. 

6 // PLANS

Personally, I think this early part of October is "peak." The leaves are starting to turn and some trees are truly maxed out, but it's still early so all the trees still have leaves. Nothing looks dead yet, you know? 

I have plans to see my friends tonight, but aside from that, I'm just floating around with Duke, eating donuts and maybe buying pumpkins. Maybe it's not beach season, but October is plenty nice. 

Happy weekending!

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