Happy Thanksgiving!

A couple days ago, Duke came home with a cute construction paper turkey, in which each feather held the name of something he was thankful for. Dad had top billing, next to Mom, and I laughed to see Ralph, our dog that's been dead for almost 3 years, take third place. You just can't forget a really good dog, I guess! He had Jack (our living dog), friends and cousins on the rest of the feathers. I pointed out that George, the dog that obediently accompanies Duke all over the house when it's dark and he's scared, eats the food Duke doesn't want and sleeps in his bed every night, didn't make the cut. 

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But then we had a lovely conversation about how the things he is most grateful for are the people (and dogs) that love him and that he loves back. I don't want to get too woo-woo, but I'm so glad that right now, he values the things that are truly irreplaceable. 

I do too, but every year, I write up a silly list of the things that brought joy to my life. Things like the automatic timer on my coffee maker and Armchair Expert when I drive home from work. Grateful for things, folks. Like for instance - 

The NY Times Monday Crossword Puzzle: to be clear, the easiest puzzle of the week is Monday and they get progressively harder on Tuesday, Wednesday and so on, and I still have to google a clue or twelve to complete the dang thing. I bought a whole book of Monday puzzles and it makes me feel less bad about watching TV all night. Ryan contributes the answers to every automative clue and it's a bonding experience, IMHO. 

Emma Straub, who wrote another wonderful book for me to enjoy this year, with the added bonus of her weekly-ish newsletter. Good writers are a gift and I am ever so grateful. 

My mid-life dogs: speaking of dogs, mine are adults, but not quite old. It's a real sweet spot honestly. No more mindless chewing of table legs or underwear, yet still fully in control of their bowels. Now that I have experienced a downright geriatric dog AND a bull-in-a-china-shop puppy,  I am fully aware of how nice this is. Grateful to be quietly cohabitating but also I think he'd still be willing to body slam in an invader if someone tried to come in the door uninvited. Especially our totally friendly, not at all dangerous mailman. 

Cup of Jo, Half Baked Harvest, and Buzzfeed: free content all year long and all I have to do is buy something from one of their affiliate links every once in a while. Cup of Jo encouraged me to not feel guilty for knowing how many children my marriage can survive. Half Baked Harvest gave me so many recipes I'll never make. Buzzfeed told me which Hogwarts house I belong in, which Gossip Girl character I am, and which Christmas cookie I'd be if I were, in fact, a cookie. All such different varietals of content, but they all add so much joy to my day. 


Of course, thing thing I am most grateful for is and will forever be Ryan and Duke. As Duke pointed out with his grateful turkey, if you have love in your life, everything else is gravy. 

Now pass them potatoes. 

Happy Thanksgiving you guys! 

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