Life Lately | April 11, 2020

So, this is dragging on longer than I thought it would. I mean, I'm not complaining -- here-here for safety and finally not disappointing anyone with my homebodiness-- I just think that if you had told me about this a month ago, I'd have laughed and told you to get outta here. I think we're starting to walk through a moment in history and it's kind of weird to consider that I might be talking about this when I'm an old lady. I have a running fairy-tale fantasy with one of my gal pals that when we're old, we'll be neighbors on a lake and get together to play bridge a few times a week. Maybe in the summer of 2062, we'll sip our 11am cocktails and talk about the Pandemic Spring of 2020.

In the meantime. Here's a look at our life, lately.

But first, something I think about every single time I scroll my Facebook feed (are people crabbier there or is it just me?)

Basically, the way I see it, there are three categories of people right now. Non-essential workers, essential workers who can work from home, and the frontline essential workers. Suffering isn't a competition and I think all of them come with challenges that make this thing suck. Some people are stressed about paying their mortgage and some people are stressed about bringing the virus home to their family. Some people are trying to work and be productive enough for their boss to not fire them, while a team of toddlers cartwheel around the house, turn on the stove and color on walls (very specific, because that one is me).

You guys, this is a challenge for everyone and I think we could get pretty far if we stopped comparing our situation with anyone else's and just being grateful for what we do have. If you're making a paycheck, be grateful. If you're spending lots of time with your family, be grateful. If you get to do both, be double grateful. If you have 70º weather, fall on your knees and be grateful to whoever you believe in.

I'm just saying, we're all getting roundhouse kicked in the face by something and getting pissy about someone else doesn't do anything except make you pissy.

And that's my Ted Talk. Moving on.


The weather has been pretty up and down. We get some 60º days and then we get some snow. Michigan, you know? Last Friday was one of the warmer days complete with sunshine and late sunsets, so we lit a bonfire (which Duke calls a campfire) and ate hotdogs and marshmallows for dinner.


I'm really not even reading very much, but I did just finish The Great Husband Hunt by Laurie Graham, which was an interesting read. The protagonist is incredibly unlikeable, but the prose is engaging. I enjoyed it. I wonder why it's so natural to write a likable character or to want one as a reader.


I've been getting up early to take George for a walk every morning. I need to walk to get my steps in,- I went from a daily average of about 20,000 to 4,000 and I'm well on my way to gaining the quaranTEN. I throw on a podcast and let George pull me up hills and over to every mailbox for a little sniff.


Speaking of Georgie - look at this little snoozer.


Mostly a whole lot of not much happening around here. I have learned a lot about Optimis Prime in my time spent at home, and I have established a better appreciation for my yard. When we were shopping for our house, Ryan really wanted property and I was pretty meh about it. Now I'm glad he made it such a priority. I'm extra grateful to have plenty of room to safely roam around. Lots of fishers in the river in our backyard though, driving my dogs totally bananas.

Stay safe fam. And happy Easter!

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