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You guys, I am dead bored of all the holiday round-ups I'm seeing this year that feature the exact same things. How many Always Pans does one person need?!

So anyway, I thought it would be fun (for me) to share the gifts I'm giving this year. Nothing bonkers, but a little break from the the Air Pods and Ember mugs.

Oh, and for the record, I don't make a dime from this blog, so rest assured these are genuinely things I think are cool. I'd like to, btw, but insofar, I'm a blogger who does it for the love - ha!

Cool Christmas Gifts |


I love a good, small luxury and these cases tick those boxes for me. Every Burga case I've ever seen is beautiful and since everyone has a phone, this is a safe bet. 


Okay this one is maybe more niche and you have to know your recipient, but I just love these crazy baubles. This Etsy shop has options on options for every taste (Coca-Cola! Tequila! Champagne!) and for foodies, I love these pizza posts


Cute and functional - what a delightful combo! I found this hand warmer on a Buzzfeed list a few weeks ago and love how cute it is (it also comes with stickers) and sidelines as a phone charger. I may shamelessly arrange for Santa to pop one of these in my own stocking. 

4 || BOOKS (DUH)

Books are my go-to gift and I save really good ones for gifting at the holidays. I'll give books to people I know don't even read much, because maybe this really great one will change their minds. I love these titles and if you're interested in my opinion, I think they're all solid crowd pleasers. 

Sorrow and Bliss | The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo | The House of Gucci (with a Gaga/Al Pacino movie to watch as soon as you finish the book!)


File this under silly, fun finds that most people wouldn't think to buy for themselves. And then file that entire category under my favorite kind of gift. This Raise Some Hell keychain supports a small business and clever designer. And I love this Happy Hour Club keychain (and in general, most things from 


I bought this puzzle for Duke and I and we had a regular old blast putting it together. It's only 300 pieces, so perfect for a weekend project, and the details (Cousin Eddy! Santa's sleigh on fire!) are hilarious. 

I bought this for $4.99 at Meijer, but every link I'm finding is $20+, so like, check the grocery store first if you like this puzzle as much as I do. 


OKAY - best for last. Consumable gifts are at the very top top top of my list. Listen, we all have enough stuff, amiright? And things I wouldn't normally indulge in / I can enjoy and not have to store (in my house, I mean. My body is another story) is a wonderful gift IMHO. All I want for Christmas is a really amazing loaf of banana bread and maybe a bottle of peppermint bark Kahlua

World Market has so many great holiday wines, and I'm willing to try anything called "Christmas in a Cup".  I'm gifting a couple packages of these amazing MilkBar cookies and planning to grab a jar of local cinnamon honey for someone who might read this, so I'll keep that one mum. 


Honorable mentions: 

Bread scented candles. No, just trust me. 

I'm giving one friend a manicure date with her daughters because if I had adult daughters, I think that would be such a lovely treat. 

Holiday libations. Probably gross. Definitely not gross

A few more books to recommend:

Educated (Non-fiction. I gave this to at least five people last year, I loved it so much) | Humans of New York (photography mostly, but also snippets of beautiful words) | I Hope This Finds You Well (poetry)

Some more ideas for gift-worthy treats:

Starbucks Hot Cocoa | Chocolate-Covered Caramels with a lovely dusting of salt | MilkBar Truffles | A homemade cookie box (work involved here, you can't buy this one. It's a diy-er). | Cocktail Cherries 

Happy Christmas season!

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