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Merry Christmas Eve, you guys! I love Christmas Eve even more than Christmas day -- the anticipatory energy is just the very best. I guess I'm a gal who likes cooking the meal more than eating it because the feeling of "ugh, it's over now" is such a bummer. But tonight, we live in the part where it's all still happening and I can't wait to patrol the sky with Duke tonight. Santa is coming!

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We spent our week doing Christmasy things. Ryan and I bundled Duke up and went for a quick scoot down to Bear Lake to check out some light displays. There's a bonkers display in a campground and then a few houses in the neighborhood go bananas with the decorations too. Worth the drive for sure if you're in the neighborhood. Bring hot beverages and prepare for a seizure. 

Then we got our holiday traveling out of the way. We surprise celebrated my sister in law's 40th birthday and had family Christmas with our downstaters on Sunday. Now though, we're hunkered down for a Christmas break. I hoard PTO all year for this, so I took some time off work next week and mostly I'm just glad I don't have to drive anywhere. I got a carwash and parked in the garage last night with zero plans to get that car back out until January 3, 2022. See you next year lololol. 


1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it

Last week's links.

Kevin McAllister with a lovely cheese pizza, just for him. Or Duke Hodges, with a 3rd plate of beef and noodles, just for him. Whichever. 

Kate Spade Surprise Sale picks


2 || INTO IT

A couple things I enjoyed this week. 

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Links December 24, 2021 |

Links December 24, 2021 |



Christmas Playlists // A couple on repeat over here - I listen to this Christmas jazz playlist in the morning before my family wakes up | Ryan and I both enjoy 90's rap, so this hip-hop Christmas is one we both enjoy | Finally, this one is totally self-serving. Full of Bing and Michael Buble,  but also N'Sync, Destiny's Child, and Christina because the early millennium is my generation's classics. 

NYT Best of the Week Monday Crossword Puzzle // I bought this for myself for Christmas, fully expecting to wrap it and put it under the tree. I didn't. I opened it immediately and started working on the first puzzle. 

Heads Up // This is a $2 investment in forever spontaneous fun. I have this game app on my phone and basically I break it out anytime there's an awkward silence. We played this at our family's Christmas party last week - adults vs. kids (who are all mostly adults, so maybe more accurately older adults vs Gen Zers) and whoa, big surprise, there's a bit of generation gap. The girls skipped (skipped!) Sex and the City because they didn't know what it was, but had no problem with Bridgerton. I laughed out loud when Pete Davidson popped up and my niece went with "I have a huge crush on him!" to get her sister to accurately guess. It worked. Ha!

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4 || LINKS

Christmas break is a good time to give all those movies you love a rewatch. What movies does your family watch over and over? Scroll to the end of this post to see our favorite. 

Related: What board games does your family love? I think we play Life, Guess Who, or Christmas Bingo at least 37 times a day. 

If you want to give Santa a jingle, here's his phone number

Timely advice that I'll for sure ignore.

In case you need an excuse not to drink. I don't, but these are hilarious. 

A quick break from Christmas: which FRIENDS character are you

Please enjoy this dog on a trampoline as much as I did. 

Okay, back to business: if you have some last minute ambition, this nail art is so cute for Christmas. 

Going in a couple stockings this year. Namely, mine. 



Magazines, mostly. I treated myself to a few new subscriptions because I can't believe how cheap it is! I don't know why I didn't know, but I mean, it's literally in the neighborhood of $5 to subscribe to most magazines. I just started getting Midwest Living, Readers Digest, and The New Yorker and boy is it a treat. I love fresh content and a weekly crossword puzzle to attack. 

This is also how I know that all those internal conversations I've had with myself about whether it's time to investigate botox can end with the answer "yes" because my age is there


6 || PLANS

Christmas, duh. But seriously, we're about to Griswold this place up and power-pack our house with family for the week, so basically a hundred loads of laundry to get beds made and cooking a vat of white chicken chili is on the agenda. No rest for the rad, ya know? But this is the best kind of to-do list. I can't wait to talk until the candles burn out and play a million rounds of Christmas bingo. If I never get around to making that chili, at least it's totally acceptable to fill up on gingerbread cookies for every meal. 

Wishing you guys the happiest Christmas ever! If you have kids, I hope they sleep at least past 5am and I'd really love it if you wished the same for me  - ha!

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PS. Here's Duke, watching Home Alone and playing Match (we have this great classic car version from Hagerty) for the bazillionth time this week. I love it. This movie never gets old.

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