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 You guys. Red alert: Christmas Eve is a week away. Are you done with your Christmas shopping? If not, it's go-time. It's frankly been go-time for a hot minute now -- shipping things is a nightmare. 

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But you're probably already stressed about that, so let me tell you a funny Duke story from this week. Ryan and I are getting ready one morning and Duke's perched up on the sink in my bathroom just scrubbing away at his teeth, when he chirps "I can't wait to be a dad." 

This isn't really unusual. As you know, he'd really like a baby in our family, but seems willing to take matters into his own hands by looking forward to all the kids he can be a dad to when he's a grown up. This is a common conversation, so Ryan and I didn't dig too much into his comment, but he did kindly elaborate. "When I'm a dad, I can say any bad words I want." 

Oh, now we're interested. Ryan asked him what bad words he wants to say. Duke giggled and covered his mouth with his hands. "I can't....giggle giggle...tell you dat!"

Ryan negotiates a deal. This one time, he can say one bad word. Just this once! Duke looks around, hands still covering his mouth, like he's being tricked before he giggled again and whispered "dumbass." Giggle giggle giggle. 

We all calmly agree that it is a grown up word to use. And then we go back to brushing teeth and whatnot, while Ryan and I decidedly avert eye contact because we would laugh and laugh and laugh.

Later, Duke made a point to ask -- Mom, he asked. Did Santa hear me say dumbass today?  


1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, a few things I hit "publish" on this week. 

Things I bought and liked, volume 1. 

Trying to turn my vast Pinterest board closet into reality. More simply: where to buy the things to recreate a few of my favorite holiday outfit pins

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Last week's links


2 || INTO IT

A few things inspiring me on Pinterest this week. 

Seems achievable, which means it's probably not and will probably look like an actual cluster in my house, but I'm admiring it anyway. 

Monopoly for Anthropologie |

It's splurgy, but isn't it beautiful to look at? 

Links December 17 |



With the holidays A WEEK AWAY, we'll have a full house and I'm looking forward to playing mixologist. Lololol. 

I've been drinking this peppermint white russian on repeat since the beginning of the month. I swapped schnapps for peppermint vodka and it's so so so good. 

Need to grab some ginger beer for this gingerbread mule. Yum! 

This one requires a little thinking ahead, but then it's super simple. 

Honestly, I still love a Shirley Temple and I bet Duke would too. 


4 || LINKS

Christmas attire, but frankly, always appropriate.

If you know Ryan, you know he's got this covered

A tequila sommelier? I like it! 

The perfect holiday dress and it's under $20!

Parenting according to your strengths. This cracked me up. 

A great activity for family time this holiday. I wish I did this a couple years ago. 

The best beauty products of 2021



I just finished Nora Ephron's book of essays about aging as a woman -  I Feel Bad About My Neck. It's such a delightful read. We all have to age, and since none of us have ever done until we do it, it all feels so strange. Like an out of body experience. I so enjoyed it. Ephron cheerfully pokes fun at herself, while commenting on motherhood, marriage, divorce, falling in love with a home, and all the work of aesthetic maintenance. 

Links December 17 |

The book is a keeper. You know the kind - I'll reread it many times I think. I imagine it'll hit differently as I get older. 


6 || PLANS

Big plans this weekend! We're headed downstate for the first family Christmas of the year. Ryan and I lived together in the tiny town we're headed to only for a few months, but I remember very well that they go all out with Christmas lights for the holiday, so I'm excited to take Duke for a nighttime drive. I stayed up late - 10pm lol - to make gingerbread cookies for our cookie exchange and I finished up some wrapping while they were baking. Feeling very ready for Christmas around here!

I took today off work to enjoy a nice day with Duke. I think we'll do some running around getting prepped for next week. The very last place I want to be in the days leading up to Christmas is Meijer or any other grocery store, so we're headed out early today to crank through some grocery shopping. Lots of errands for a Friday, but I'm banking on a nice slow week in exchange. 

Links December 17 |

Happy Weekending you guys! 


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