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You guys, we have a little problem around here. It's Red, our Elf on the Shelf. And it's also our $2 Mickey Mouse advent calendar. These things combined are so freakin' exciting that Duke pops his little head up at 4am just too excited to sleep anymore, and despite my stern go to sleep voice, it's too late for me to roll over and fall back to sleep. He flops around restlessly for about 15 minutes and I throw up my white flag. We go downstairs and you guys, this is consistent enough that I have set my coffee maker accordingly. At least I stumble down the stairs to a fresh pot. 

I've instituted a new rule: regardless of when we wake up, the calendar and elf cannot be approached until 7am, so I'm hopeful we can reset the expectation. On the other hand, I've recently been made aware that these magical Christmases are rather fleeting, so maybe I should just lean in? The joy is just so pure. I guess my question is: what's 25 days of really early wake-up calls in the grand scheme of my whole life? A good memory that I'll have rosy nostalgia over, probably. 

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I don't subscribe to the part of the tradition that prohibits Duke from touching Red, so that elf accompanies us just about everywhere. 


1 || ICYMI

In case you missed here, here's what I've been posting lately. 

For the record, it's been a very long time since I've had much to share here. All those early mornings have really opened up a few hours of free time, I guess.

Life Lately | November - started the month with cider and donuts (Duke's kind require a helmet) and finished it up ushering in the Christmas season. The weather cooperated. 

A Gift Guide - Listen, I know I'm not influencing anyone's purchasing decisions but I do peruse guide after guide and I'm so bored of seeing the exact same things on every single one. So here's what I'm buying for the people I love because I think these things are cool. 



You guys, I am done Christmas shopping. It's a huge relief but also means I can get back to my favorite activity: shopping for me

I've never been much for earrings, but lately I've been really into it. I snagged these tiny hoops from J.Crew and I love crawlers. Now I'm casually hunting around for something a little more statement-y for the holidays. 

Speaking of holidays, I might regret this, but I really want something covered in sequins. Like, for instance: Sequin Tartan Skirt | Super bargain! | A little obnoxious, but also what color should I choose?

Can't stop singing the praises of Target's boot selection this year. I got these in black and brown, and spontaneously picked up these wedges. And listen, they're $30, so in full disclosure, they're cute, but I'd consider the quality to be here for a good time, not a long time. But also, they're $30, so fair trade, I say. 


3 || INTO IT

A couple things inspiring me on Pinterest. 

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One, and only one nice thing about the dark and dismal part of winter is how cozy some twinkle lights feel. 

Links, December 10 |

Links, December 10 |

Links, December 10 |


4 || LINKS

Well the highlight of my week is the return of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. As if you could forget - here's a refresher on where we left off. 

Related: Peleton has something to say. Warning, this link has some spoilers. 

Lol. People who didn't mean to be funny at Christmas time

Anonymous celebrity instagrammer - aka the real Gossip Girl - did a full review of celebrity owned wine brands. Doing the important work. 

Have you watched Happiest Season on Hulu yet? I love it. And I loved this look at the Caldwell House they used for filming. This blog has lots of movie houses and it's so fun to peruse. 

Coming up on resolution season and this article about quitting Facebook is interesting. 

Books are the best gift and these are someone's opinion of the best ones to gift this Christmas. 

Here's another list of great books to gift that include older publications. I stand behind several here and frankly, I think this is a more complete list of gift-worthy reads. 

I'm embarrassed how many times I've googled "Gen Z gift guide" this month. 21 year old me is horrified, but it happened - I aged out and I don't know what's cool anymore. That's fine - thank God for gift guides. 



So, as you read earlier in this post, I am waking up very early as of late (what a fun twist of words there!) and so accordingly, I'm generally also slumped on my couch around 8pm. A couple nights ago, around 10pm, Ryan suggested we go up to bed, and for the first time in our history, I said I'd meet him up there. He was v. confused but I was in the final stretch of Sorrow and Bliss and I stayed up wayyyy later than my bed time to finish it. 

Sorrow and Bliss Novel |

Sorrow and Bliss is a wonderfully light, yet sincere look at a life with depression (and something else unnamed). A "bomb goes off" in Martha's brain when she is 17 and the novel follows the next couple decades. It is darkly humorous and the writing is smart without being pretentious. I highlighted quite a bit and this is for sure in my top three books from this year. 


6 || PLANS

Well, we're getting to the part of December where Christmas doesn't feel miles away. More like, right down the road. She's creeping up, so I suppose it's time to start really doing all the Christmas things. I want to get really deep into some holiday feelings, so I'm thinking some cookie making while Home Alone plays in the living room, and maybe I'll play some Bing in the kitchen to double up on the Christmas sounds. Then, as soon as it gets dark, I want to load up a thermos with a hot beverage, drive over to one of those bonkers neighborhoods where everyone takes the light situation super seriously, and take a nighttime stroll to ooh and ahh at all the lit up houses. I want to sleep in flannel sheets this weekend and light a billion candles and make peppermint white russians for Ryan and me to drink after dinner. 

I suspect we've also got about a hundred rounds of Sorry and Trouble to play as well, so whew! Crazy weekend ahead! Basically we'll be here, snuggin' dogs and watching Home Alone three more times. 

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Happy Friday folks - may the weekend be long and the Sunday scaries be forever away!

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