Things I Bought and Liked | December 11, 2021


Things I Bought and Liked (December 2021) |

Hey guys! What are you up to this weekend? I'm planning some shopping this morning at the tiny, rarely open shops that I always forget about in Beulah and treating myself to some breakfast carbs at L'Chayim. Might follow that up with a walk to Crystal Lake. Might follow that up with some hot chocolate. We'll see. Duke just wants to watch Kevin!! - otherwise known as Home Alone 1 & 2 - on repeat, which suits me just fine. 

Here's a few things I bought and liked this week -

Nivea Creme || You know, I'm always woo'ed by shiny new things, but this classic just stands the test of time. It's super thick, so a little goes a long way, and a it's barely scented so Ryan and I both use and enjoy it. Best of all, you can get a good-sized tub of it for $5 at Target and it comes in a glass container, so I'm all oh wow, this is real quality

New Yorker Subscription || They got me with a holiday ad on my Facebook feed. 12 weeks for $6 and then they sent me a tote bag that feels a little pretentious when I carry it, like putting an NPR sticker on a car or saying "I went to university in New Jersey" instead of "I went to Princeton." That aside, it's such a lovely investment in words and writing. It's the nicest thing I get in my mailbox every week and it takes me about as long to read the entire magazine, so a fresh one shows up just in time. 

Ilia Mascara || I was influenced by about a hundred instagrammers. I can't even remember who specifically, but it seems like I saw someone raving about it every time I swiped around. It's the real deal -- no clumping, no fallout at 3 in the afternoon, and I guess it's "clean" which I don't really know enough about to comment on, but cool. 

Oatmilk Creamer || my friend Rachel sold me on this when we went to Austin last spring, so I don't know why it took me this long to buy a carton, but I finally did. I drink Costco brand coffee, which I'll stand behind forever, but my point is that I am no coffee snob. That said, oat milk takes my cheap pot of coffee and elevates it into the creamiest cup and I might be developing standards for how I like my coffee now. 

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