Spring Wish List

Happy Friday, you guys! I'm skipping the usual links post and zoning right in on all the things I've been imaginary and occasionally really shopping for. After two days that felt exceptionally springlike, it's the only thing on my mind. 

Spring Wish List | www.biblio-style.com

I buy these plastic shoes for Duke every year. He loves them. Like, really loves them. I don't get it, but they serve as water shoes, sandals, tenny-bops, etc etc. And they're $12. 

Meanwhile, me and my refined tastes prefer a fancier shoe

If you're on J Crew's website anyway, these sunnies woo'd me hard. Just ordered them and can't wait to feel retro all summer long. 

Am I too old for GenZ trends? For sure. But I just don't think that's going to stop me. 

I bought Super Goop on a whim last summer and while I still think it's overpriced, I really like the texture of the Unseen Sunscreen. Always looking for a dupe, but for now, I begrudgingly purchase the real thing. It's pretty good. It mostly feels like a primer, so you get the sun protection and your pores just - poof! - disappear. 

I have never tried Anthropologies lip balm, but I'm frankly sold on good packaging. 

Also a new one: Ilia cream blush. I bought the mascara and it's the bomb, so I have high expectations for this stuff. 

J Crew, man. So much cute stuff recently released. I'll take it all and stuff it in this bag, please. 


Other cute things - 

I feel like this Old Navy skort could be work friendly and beach friendly, just depending on the shoes you wear it with. So wear it to work, stop at home, switch into some flip-flops, grab a cooler with some bevvies and go straight to the beach. That's my plan anyway. 

Speaking of the beach: so many cute towels to refresh your inventory. 

I think these earrings are so unique and beautiful. 

Dreaming of nights on the back deck. I kind of want to get a projector so we can have movie nights out there. So far I haven't found one that wasn't either more expensive than our actual TV or just total junk, so the search continues! Also looking forward to s'mores with the Solo Stove I bought last fall. 

Also on a more Facebook Marketplace hunt for a trampoline, mostly for Duke but also me because I have fond childhood memories of these things. I'm also prowling around for a bookshelf and so far can't find a size and color that I want, so I'm considering buying something boring on FB and breaking out the paint brush again. And we all collectively sigh because we don't need to hear about any more painting projects. Jeez. 


PS // Currently reading Next in Line, a non-fiction read about the Vice Presidents from Nixon to Pence. I like this kind of thing, so my review will be biased. But I will say these are always interesting to read when they're slightly out of date. It's like I know the future. 

PPS // Some of these links are affiliate links. You guys are smart, you know what this means. If you click the link, I might earn a couple pennies at no cost to you. 

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