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 Hey guys! Happy Saturday! Isn't it the best?!

Business as usual around here this week. Some surprise sunshine and 50 degrees has me all kinds of antsy for warm temperatures and dreaming about yanking the patio doors open. I've been imaginary shopping for patio furniture, but also actually real life shopping for more boring things like light switch covers. Turns out things like that are as boring as buying a fridge or washer, but since I made a rash decision to throw away the cheap fake wood ones while painting every single surface in our house, I have no alternative. Unless naked light switches becomes my vibe, of course. 

I painted our guest bathroom last weekend and finally took a second to snap a before picture mostly for my own posterity. This is basically the state of my house every weekend lately. But eventually I will run out of rooms to paint and then it'll be spring and I think those two things will happen roughly around the same time, and I'll call it perfect timing!

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Let's see. Duke cracked me up a couple days ago when he looked up from a book he was reading (force reading since I make him earn his TV time minute for minute) and asked me "Mom, can kid's say jeez louise?" 

I don't see why not, so I said sure. I haven't heard it since though. 


1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's the latest posts on the blog

Life Lately from February which is basically a lot of painting and some pictures from our trip to Disney. 

What I read in February aka three books I highly recommend and one I'm kind of eh about. All by the same writer. 

The most recent links post, from way back on Feb. 25. 



Anna Delvey || I've been vaguely aware of this prolific scammer for a couple years but when the Netflix series (from ShondaLand!) came out, I became very obsessed with the whole story. Basically a normal girl comes from Russia and/or Germany and puts on this amazing show, acting a socialite and German heiress with a 60 million trust fund and gets a lot of people - including major banks and financial institutions - to fall for it. She had a hey-day and then she got caught and it's a true story. 

Related: on my wishlist, this book written by a former friend of Anna's, whom she scammed for 65 THOUSAND DOLLARS. When she asked for her money back, Anna told her she was being dramatic. 

Ruggable: After a couple years waffling on spending the money, I pulled the trigger on this 8x10 Ruggable, which if you haven't been bombarded with their instagram ads, is a rug you can allegedly toss right in your washer. V convenient, but it's a bit more of an investment than I usually spend on rugs. Anyway, the final straw was the full cup of cranberry juice that Duke punted on a rug we've had for less than six months. I tried for a couple weeks to get the stain out before giving up. Although they warned 2-5 weeks lead time, it showed up about 5 days after I ordered it and I think it's just beautiful. 

Links March 12, 2022 |

It's a little off center, but also a total bish to move, so she stays. The pictures are also off center but I'm so used to it, I hardly even notice anymore and I'll be honest, I have no plans to correct them - ha! 


3 // INTO IT

A few things inspiriting me on Pinterest lately 

Links March 12, 2022 |
Nice warm wood tones + pretending all the wood in my house can be made trendy. 

Links March 12, 2022 |
Reminder. I've said this to myself at least three times this week. 

Links March 12, 2022 |
Pesto potato salad sounds 50/50 spring-y and cozy comforting. 



Scooped these boots up on clearance for $33. I have the camel colored pair and wear them all the time and I'm taking these black ones for a spin today. Waterproof they say! We'll see! 

Got these fun red sunnies in my virtual cart right now. I also really like the tortoise/blue color combo but not sure I can justify buying two pairs of sunglasses I'll inevitably lose. 

Bought this picture for our "bar cart". 

I really like these nesting tables but the price feels a little too good to be true, aka probably junk. But it's Target! So easy returns and I'll probably give them a try. 

PS I gave up Target for Lent and I'm embarrassed by how hard it's been to stay away. 


5 // LINKS

What's the tiniest amount of power you've seen someone abuse? These stories about our colleagues up on their high horses are sooo funny. 

Ooh interesting! Who hasn't at least fantasized about quitting their job and running away to follow their passions? 

I haven't thought of it this way, but I'd personally agree with this: I'm a better parent to an older kid

If you watched the OG Magic School bus in the '90s, this will feel so cozy and nostalgic


10 Things I Like, but Shouldn't. Say's who? Mine is jalapeño poppers at a dive bar when I'm three drinks deep. Nothing. Better. Period. 

Home inspiration. I'm frantically trying to duplicate everything in this Lake Tahoe cabin. 



Links March 12, 2022 |

Not this, but I'm looking forward to it! I hopped on Amazon to buy a book for a new mom and was bombarded with other "mom" book ads. This one got me -- just the cover alone makes me think the writing inside will be highly relatable. 

I've been reading Love and Ruin by Paula McClain for about two weeks now. I usually blast through a book a week so this feels like such a long time, but I can't get into it! And dang it because I loved The Paris Wife, also written by McClain and covering a similar story, so when I found it at the thrift shop, I thought it was a slam-dunk. Alas, I'm powering through it waiting for it to grab me. 

The Paris Wife was about Ernest Hemingway's relationship and marriage to his first wife, Hadley and it's wonderful -- I recommend it all the time. Love and Ruin is about his 3rd marriage to Martha Gellhorn, who is fascinating in her own right. So many good ingredients here, but the cake has no flavor. 


7 // PLANS

Are you sick of hearing me talk about painting? One more sentence, I promise. I have zero painting plans this weekend and I basically don't know what to do with myself. How do I fill the day?! 

Last night, Ryan and Duke and I loaded up and drove over to Elberta to watch the sunset and pick-up some takeout for dinner and it just felt nice to get out of the house, even just for an hour. I love doing that stuff in the summer when I can sit on the sand and stay there well past dark, but I'll say it's just as nice in the winter. 

Links March 12, 2022 |

PS. So much good TV lately! Maybe that's why it's taking me forever to read Love and Ruin. I'm in the middle of the Kanye doc on Netflix and per my last email, just binged Inventing Anna. I also want to finish Pam and Tommy on Hulu. I'm ready to be outside again, but dang, these sure help pass these last few weeks stuck inside. 

PPS // Some of these links are affiliate links. You guys are smart, you know what this means. If you click the link, I might earn a couple pennies at no cost to you. 

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