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So, as usual, I was just dreaming about laying out on the deck with a book and a bowl of snacks. And in this dream, it's hot of course and my dogs are lazy in the heat, so they're just laying around but not panting because I don't wish for them to be even fictionally uncomfortable. Duke's probably running through the sprinkler in the backyard and my reading is only interrupted by yells every 30 seconds or so for "Mama! Please look!" because I can't dream without also being realistic. 

But doesn't that sound nice? So nice. Alas, it's February, but I remain optimistic. We're on the downward slope. I often consider Jan-April the hardest four months of the year, but certainly January and February are the most 100% winter. March and April bring at least a couple nice days, so we're half way done and onto the somewhat easier half. It's a marathon, but at least we've gotten to the part where there are snack breaks. 

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1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it

I went to a movie alone. And it was depressing, but only because the topic turned out to be a sad one. I had a marvelous time and didn't have to share my snacks with anyone. 

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Truly none of my thoughts are original (are anyones?) but I can't remember where I got this idea, so I'm claiming it. Earlier this year, I wrote out my goals/resolutions for 2022 and decided to create a BINGO board with rewards attached to completing it. I'm so reward oriented. I have a grand one for the year, and make a new one for each month, with incremental goals related to those on the grand one. So far, so good! It's really motivating me and I'm cramming this last week with finishing things up. I've got three days to read a book, finish a home project and write this damn blog. 


3 // INTO IT

A few things inspiring me on Pinterest. 

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I really believe in the seasons of life and everything in its time. But in the game of comparison, sometimes I need to be reminded. 

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After painting as many surfaces as I can talk myself into, I decided the cheap fake wood switch plates were making my work seem like a waste of time. I'm not set on these, but I am on the hunt for some cool light switch covers for my entire freaking house


4 // LINKS

Life is not a race, it's a party. Arrive whenever you want. 

The movie I went to see solo last weekend was Roadrunner. I'm so fascinated by Anthony Bourdain and perhaps foolishly expected a long version of No Reservations or Places Unknown. It wasn't -- it was far more deep and frankly sad, but still a good watch. I'd rewatch it and would recommend. 

I mean, I think it's wrong, but I only have one, so what do I know? 

Semi-related: Cheers!

Oooh this is fun! 25 famous women on their favorite indulgences. I may not be famous, but mine is road trip McDonalds. 

Duke responds so well to a timer. I usually use the oven timer, but I grabbed this cube thing from Amazon to help set limits on TV time, or encouraging independent play, etc. 

A few other goodies I'm shopping right now: this fold out kid's couch, Target boots get me every time, and this book about creativity, that I keep hearing good things about. 



Little bit of a slump actually. I finished Prep, which was a little disappointing and I've picked up two books since, but just haven't felt a desire to read much this week. Instead I picked up a Reader's Digest and have played many rounds of Sorry with Duke. 

That's hot cocoa in his cup btw. He says he needs it to wake up because it's coffee for kids. Ha! 

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I had grand plans to read 3 books this month, but I also have grand plans to complete a home project this month and basically I'm just balancing which goal I want to hit. Maybe I'll grab an audio book from the library to listen to while I finish painting the hallway. We'll see! 


6 // PLANS

Is this whole links post about my goals? I guess so, probably because I'm down to the last few days to finish up what I committed to at the beginning of the month. I started painting the hallway last weekend and to complete the whole mess, I need to do some touch-up and paint the trim, so there goes my Saturday (happily!). And then Spiderman is playing at the movie theatre in Frankfort and I think Duke would love to see it, so maybe that too. I'm forcing myself to go out for obligatory fun at least once a weekend -- otherwise I'll stay home for 48 hours and wonder where the weekend went somewhere around 5pm on Sunday eventing. You know I hate winter, but I'm going to get through these final weeks as cheerfully as I can. Even if it's forced. 

It's definitely forced. Like our dog, Jack, in this picture. He's a sport, but I think he immediately tries to slink out of the room when he hears Duke yell "Mom! Come take my picture!"

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Happy weekending you guys!

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