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More than halfway through February and coming in hot with the first set of links! Weird timing I guess. Last week, we took a nice family vacation, leaving my computer at home, and in the last few weeks, I've set my sights on other writing projects. And then other than that, I like to pretend I am soOOoo busy when in fact I'm just laying on my couch and/or scrolling Instagram for the bazillionth time. Priorities!

Seriously though, we spent last week in Florida and while it wasn't hot, it was definitely nicer than home and it was so good to see blue skies, some sunshine, and trees with green leaves. It was flip-flop weather for sure and that's all I ever ask for! 

We spent a few days at Disney, and I know some people are "Disney People" but I kind of felt like I saw it and that was enough. Maybe I've been living in the middle of nowhere for too long, but dang, I couldn't get over just how many people pack into those parks on a daily basis. That said, we had a really wonderful time! Duke loved it, obviously, and I loved eating around the world in Epcot. 

Links February 2022 |

Links February 2022 |
Links February 2022 |

Briefly noted above, it was not quite the 80º weather I was looking for. More like 50's and 60's but if you think that stopped Duke from enjoying the pool - Not. A. Freaking. Chance. 

Links February 2022 |
Links February 2022 |

1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I've posted recently. 

Valentine's Day Edit - lots of links to hearty stuff and articles about looooove. 

January Life Lately - full disclosure, this is mostly just me feeling bad for myself and talking about how my Christmas trees (plural) are still up. 

Links from way back in January. 


2 // INTO IT

A few things inspiring me on Pinterest lately

Links February 2022 |
I like him. He tells it like it is. Lol. Did you know you can buy cartoon artwork from the New Yorker? I'm considering this print for Duke's bedroom. 

Links February 2022 |
Leaning into black accents in my very oak-y kitchen. Still riding the "home project" train. 

Links February 2022 |
Trusting the mystery. Here's where to find this print. I sort of feel like I'm on the front end of a season of growth that requires more bravery than I usually like to exhibit. I'm trying to just focus on trusting the mystery. 



Okay, one of my New Years resolutions was a budget one, which is seriously cramping my shopping style, but the good news is all my recent finds are bargains. 

I've really been wanting a shimmery gel polish and ordered this one from Amazon last weekend. Gave myself a little DIY manicure last night and I think it's going to be my go-to for a while. Basically a good shiny clear coat with the most subtle shimmer which is appropriate anytime. 

This feels like a good deal on a big stand alone mirror. I kind of want one, but also wonder how long the stand alone mirror trend is going to last. 

Speaking of trends, I have avoided this one for a while but now that my trusty Old Navy flops gave up on me, plus these are available in some good colors AND they're $10, I'm considering making the switch. 

Delighted to see flared things making a comeback. These look very WFH appropriate


4 // LINKS

Our local theatre is showing Road Runner this weekend about Anthony Bourdain and to prep, I'm loving this article about what it was like to eat with him. My favorite takeaway, Tony wouldn't have judged you for eating a hamburger in your hotel bed

As if I've ever had a dinner party -- BUT IF I DID

Strawberry Poptart Cookies. Got me feeling like

Love everything about this put together, yet casual and probably comfortable get up

Also want to try this dessert this weekend. But make it breakfast. 

On my to-be-read list. I read this fictionalized account and loved it. Now I need them facts. 



I'm presently halfway through my third Curtis Sittenfeld book in a row. I read You Think It, I'll Say it and then positively devoured Rodham. Now I'm onto Prep which is not as good as Rodham, but I *think* it's the book that put CS on the writer roadmap, so I think that's worth a read. 

After this, I'm forcing myself to read something new. I've got two ready to crack open, so no excuses. 


6 // PLANS

Got a little painting project I'd like to tackle this weekend, but this time I consulted Ryan - ha! No surprises this time.  I'm delighted that spring is officially on its way, but it still feels a ways off, so I'm trying to complete a small home project every weekend. I know 100% I won't do one single thing when it's finally nice out, and hopefully this will help speed things along. 

Also hoping to go see that Anthony Bourdain doc at the Garden Theatre in Frankfort at some point. After all that, I'm thinking lots of couching, snacking, and maybe watching that Anna movie I keep hearing about. 

PS - I watched the Tinder Swindler and it's worth a watch. RIVETING. 

PPS - Some of these links are affiliate links. You guys are smart, you know what this means. If you click the link, I might earn a couple pennies at no cost to you. 

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