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You guys, flip flops, shorts, freaking bath suits - they all came out this week. HALL - LAY - FREAKING - LU - YAH. 

Links | April 2023 -

I spent Saturday at the beach - a beach day in April! Can you believe? It was so wonderful to lay out my blanket, layer on sunscreen, and come home with sand everywhere again. 

April is a real bitch of a month though, and I know we've got literal snow on the forecast tomorrow, but this past week has been a beautiful peek into summertime weather and it was just the seasonal break I needed. I can make it through the last few weeks now. 

I've got my first vacation of the year coming up in a couple weeks. I'm heading to Savannah, GA with a couple of Ryan's sisters and I've never been, so I'm very excited for a new place to visit. I have this buzzfeed list of 16 things to do in Savannah bookmarked to review a couple days before we fly out. 

Duke and I have big plans to see the Mario movie this afternoon - have you seen it? I think it must be hot stuff at school because Duke came home talking about it last week and is in a real yank to see it all of a sudden. I love going to the movies, so I was easily convinced. 

1 || ICYMI

A post Lenten return to Instagram! And a post winter return to the beach!

Links from earlier this month


Sephora's having one of their usual tiered sales (there's 3 per year and your percentage off is based on "status" aka how much you spent with them the previous year). Anyway, it's a good time to stock up on any of those things you're buying anyway. Here's what's I'm getting:

Repurchases - 

NARS creamy concealer - the product that taught me why higher end products cost more. They do what they say. This has such a nice finish, lasts all day, and doesn't feel like spackle. 

By Mario Skin Enhancer - Skin"enhancer" but i say it's a skin "perfecter" that warms up your complexion really subtly and just evens things out. Even the light shade looks really dark in the container but I promise it doesn't look like 2008 bronzer, hallelujah. 

The Ordinary Moisturizing Factors + HA - listen, it's not fancy, but it is a workhorse. Good basic moisturizer for a good price. This is my daily driver, year around.

New to me 

(I haven't tried any of these, but I have high hopes)

Glossier FutureDew Oil Hybrid Serum - I'm a sucker for a serum that promises glowy things, and Glossier has never done me wrong. 

Smashbox X Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector - this is what I'm most excited to try. It keeps selling out, so that's a positive sign, right? 

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum - it's $14 BEFORE the discount, and it has great reviews. I actually bought this last year and dropped it in my toilet the first time I tried it. Buying it again and closing the toilet lid before I open the box this time.


3 || INTO IT

Links | April 2023 -

Links | April 2023 -

Oh I am into this

Links | April 2023 -

Discipline will take you so much further than talent or motivation.

4 || LINKS

A marriage made in true crime and home design heaven: Karen Kilgariff's midcentury LA home. 

Cosigned on ALL of these Costco goodies. But especially that giant ass couch. 

Just started watching Euphoria. So far, so good. 

A word, from Jennifer Coolidge

7 Worst People You Meet on Vacation - sounds like a book, no? 


A substack newletter for people who are interested in the Royals. Me, I am interested. 


Watching: The Super Mario Bros. Movie. You guys - it was SO good. As the credits were rolling, Duke told me he wanted to see it again and I'm honestly considering it. If the weather sucks and we're bored, back to the movies we go. 

Reading: I recently finished Ask Again, Yes and I have a good feeling about it being one of my favorite reads this year. It starts with two young men graduating from the police academy. They are partners for only a few weeks, but their lives end up becoming intertwined forever. A tragedy rocks the two families relationship, but does end up being a redemption story in a lot of different ways. It's a slow burn, but so so good. 

Eating: This lemon "nice cream" seemed a little too good to be true, but I tried it and I really liked it. I went a little crazier with the maple syrup than the video suggests, and I recommend you do too. 

6 || PLANS

Oh just counting down the days to everything fun coming up: the return of nice weather, a long weekend vacation, going back to the movies to watch Mario again, etc etc. 

Links | April 2023 -

PS // Some of these links are affiliate links. You guys are smart, you know what this means. If you click the link, I might earn a couple pennies at no cost to you. 

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