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Well guys, I don't want to jinx anything so I'm not going to talk about my favorite topic of all time: the weather - but I will say this: on my to-do list today is to clean up the deck and hang the lights and maybe get the patio table set up. Good things are coming. 

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Like Easter! Or as I call it - the end of Lent. Duke has been giving me a daily countdown for the last couple weeks because he's got all colors of plastic eggs dancing in his dreams like sugar plums at Christmas. Meanwhile, I'm itching to reinstall Instagram on my phone and go for a looooong scroll.

Giving up social media for Lent has been mostly good. After a couple weeks, I stopped absentmindedly reaching for my phone and clicking where the icon used to be. So that's good, I guess. I broke the mindless habit. I did, however, find other means of distraction and they were expensive. It would seem that I swapped Instagram for online shopping and placed more online orders in the last month than I have in the previous 2 years. So yes, I'm looking forward to getting back to a FREE mindless habit.

My phone time did shrink from an average of 3 hours of daily use to under an hour and a half, so I would call that bit a win. But overall, I don't feel better or happier or anything overly positive, so I'm not convinced that social media is a as problematic as I thought it was. When I was a kid, we all perched up on the couch and watched TV after dinner until it was time to go to bed. Is doing the exact same thing, albeit on a smaller screen, that much different after all? Who knows, but I look forward to oversharing and flooding my stories with snaps of Duke and the dogs once again. 


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In case you missed it - a few things I've hit "publish" on recently:

Life Lately in March. Lots of forced positivity. And Duke lost a tooth!

Four Fun Things -  a podcast rec for people who enjoy history, and declaring my love for Daisy Jones. 

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I have been stalking this bookshelf on Wayfair for a while now, just waiting for a sale or something and to my bad luck, the price just keeps going up. Patience is a virtue, they say and I'm putting my full faith in they. 

Always looking for something to remedy the scaly, peeling, frankly disgusting, skin that my face produces after months of winter. This is a lifelong journey it seems, because I have yet to find anything that really does the job, but I got this La Roche-Posay cream last week and it's giving me hope so far. 

A couple books on my wishlist: Salad Freak | I'm Glad My Mom Died | Fairy Tale | - Anyone read these? 


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Don't you freaking dare disparage The Peep

Looks like shit's about to go sideways on the 21st - April Horoscopes. 

Making this pavlova recipe for Easter tomorrow. I gave it a trial run last month and it's taaasty. 

Arm Chair Expert has been on fire with some big name guests recently, but it's the Anonymous episodes that are making me cry laugh at 8am on my morning commute. Wild Card gave me an ab workout. 

This color quiz is a fun diversion. 

30 vs 40 - I found this to be largely reassuring. 

I made this kale salad yesterday and ate the whole freaking thing in 24hrs. Just make sure you have some minty gum to chew on after if you're eating this at work. 



All Things Royal | I recently enjoyed The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. I have new thoughts about Diana. I find her memory sainted by history, which perhaps she deserves in some ways, but it would seem that the living Diana was on the verge of a true breakdown and frankly behaved badly. I think royal life was and was not what she was meant for. Was, in that she was so naturally charismatic and glow-y. Was not, in that she needed real familial support and love from her husband. Ultimately, it makes me think it's a sad life and gave me more empathy for the very public thing that her son, Prince Harry is living now. They're a regular dysfunctional family it seems - I'm sorry they have the platform for airing their dirty laundry. 

So naturally, I finally got caught up on The Crown. Which obviously I know is fiction, but dang - I think the writers are under the same impression that I am - those two were acting like idiots


6 || PLANS

Easter of course. While we're in the midst of Duke's "kid" years, I'm deeply committed to him waking up at home on holidays where mystical beings are visiting at night. Suffice to say, we're staying home this year and celebrating the holiday quietly with Ryan's mom and I think that's just perfect. The weather is looking lovely - 63º and sunny - and you guys, that is a Easter gift in itself. 

Happy Easter you guys. May it be as happy as this kid in the bucket of a tractor. 

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