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A few things I'm enjoying lately - 

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Daisy Jones and the Six | Amazon Prime

Daisy Jones is giving me 70's fashion fever. All the long dresses with boots, curtain bangs, and one great scene featuring short-shorts and a fur jacket that had me shopping immediately. I might even start saying groovy. The show is great, the visuals are so freaking cool, and I honestly love the one-new-episode-per-week format that feels decidedly antique as well. I'll be glued to my TV every Friday night until it's over. 

Classical FM Nederland | Spotify

When I was a kid, my Dutch Opa loved music and would play classical music through the entire house every Sunday morning. My Oma might even still do it, but it's been a long time since I've lived in their home, and I've been nostalgic for it ever since. I've tried to duplicate the experience many times, but just couldn't nail down the right music for the right feeling. Then, a few weeks ago I read a random blogpost about a family that all listened to the same internet radio station in their respective homes states apart. Their station? Classical FM Nederland. Freaking BINGO. 

Special Coffee |

Special Coffee

For me, special coffee is two shots of espresso + half and half buzzed through the milk foamer + fresh whipped cream. It's calorie laden and delicious, and also takes enough time that I can't swing it on a regular morning. So it's Saturday afternoon coffee, or Sunday morning coffee. I usually make enough foamy milk to also make a cup of special hot cocoa for Duke and we sit on the couch together to enjoy our special drinks. Afterward, he licks the bowl I used to whip the cream. Very very cozy. 

History Daily Podcast | Wondery

Every day, Lindsay Graham (not that one - can you believe there is more than one!?) gives the most thrilling verbal performance, detailing an interesting piece of history that happened on the given date. Every episode is maybe 20 minutes and totally fascinating. Duke and I listen together because while it's probably a little old for him, it's very appropriate. We recently enjoyed March 1st, which detailed the date in 1872 in which Yellowstone because the world's first national park, as well as February 17, 1972 when the VW bug broke the decades long record held by the Model T, becoming the world's bestselling car. 

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