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Hey guys, happy Saturday! I have good feelings about the imminent future. I went grocery shopping yesterday and found a dozen eggs for under $3. I can just feel it - things are going right. 

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Speaking of which, I recently finished a book with a great line about attitude. I can't remember it exactly, but the gist is that a guy rolls up in a brand new, nice shiny car, and on the back is a bumpersticker that says "Life is a Shit Sandwich." To which the writer notes "isn't that stupid? Life is a shit sandwich, my ass. Life's a polka party." 

I know we get dealt a whole lot of different cards, but in general, you get to decide your view and a polka party sounds like a good time. I pick the polka party. 

Anyway. I whined heavily about this week in a blog post a couple days ago, but the thing I was dreading has passed (still have the lingering evidence of a stress breakout) and we have a warm day on the forecast on a weekend day, so I'm fine now. Let's get on to a few fun places on the internet that I've been enjoying recently. 


1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, a few things I've published recently-

Performative Dry January that went a little damp at the very end there. 

A look at our January

First I abstained from booze, then I gave up social media (for Lent of course).

Life lately, the February version


2 || INTO IT

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March Links |

I am not unique in anyway, so I'm jumping off the bridge with the rest of the crowd on the green trend. Take over my house, kelly green!

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Also of perennial interest to me, stripes

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Nice, full bag



I bought a new tube of Glossier's culty Balm Dot Com. The formula has changed and I don't love it as much as the original, but I still think it's superior to basic cherry chapstick. 

I am officially thinking spring and shopping for a patio umbrella. To be practical? Or not practical at all?

I invested in a subscription to Vanity Fair which is $10 well spent. It's fashion and pop culture that feels so grown up and doesn't shy away from the salacious.  


4 || LINKS

In case you were wondering, the shit sandwich line comes from She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I could swear I read this book a decade ago, but when I (maybe) re-read it last month, none of it was familiar. My memory is failing one way or the other. 

Spring break season! I've got all-inclusive resorts on the mind. 

Excited to watch Daisy Jones and the Six this weekend! Have you read the book? 

For instant joie de vivre, put a candle in it

I like cheeky art in my house. This and this are cool, so is this, but I'm not ready to explain it to Duke. 

I come back to this Winter Blues post every year. 

This list of "new etiquette" is a time commitment, but I laughed a lot so I recommend you set aside a few minutes and laugh a lot too. The thing is, I think these rules actually stick - the writing is very clever but the etiquette is real. For instance, this truth: "if the host is doing the dishes, it means you're supposed to leave." 



Watching: TRANSFIXED by the Murdaugh documentary on Netflix. I don't know how they got away with releasing that during an active trial, but watching it tandem with the trial testimony made for great television. What a wild story and example of gross dynastic power. 

Reading: I read a few stinkers back to back, so I'm following it all up with The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown because I just know it'll be a winner. I enjoyed the author's recent work, The Palace Papers, which covered the royal family since Diana's 1997 death. The Chronicles bit I'm reading now was an earlier publication covering Diana's life specifically. I've made it far enough in to reach her teenage years and man, I'm just fascinated by the antiquated system of titles and imaginary roles that the English cling to. Like, they have to think it's weird, right? Anyway, so far, so good. 

Eating: Really enjoying these Max Mallows while I finish up my 12-week Keto goal. And I'd say this qualifies more as drinking than eating, but I want to give this Lemon Ginger Tea thing a try this weekend. 


6 || PLANS

I *should* be finishing some winter projects around the house before the imminent spring weather persuades me to go outside and give up all house chores until next year. But instead I think I'll head to Home Goods and shop for candles. 

Duke has picked up two new hobbies - playing chess and making things out of clay, so last weekend we started a little project that marries the two. We're working our way through crafting all the necessary pawns and pieces and I expect a few hours to be wrapped up in that this weekend. 

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Lastly, I'm thinking of renting the Whitney movie - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - and settling in for a whole afternoon to watch that, but the weather has to cooperate. Aka, if the sun is out, it' ain't happening, which is honestly fine with me. Ready for spring to show it's dang face!

Happy weekending you guys!

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