Musings on Phases | October, 3, 2023

Musings on Phases |

On Friday night, I perched up on the beach to watch the sun go down, and it's one of those simple, free joys that I don't know why I don't do more often. Is there a better way to end the day? To unwind and come up for air at the end of a week that feels like it won't quit? 

I sat on a blanket still damp from our last beach trip and ate my tortilla chips. And in the midst of it, chatted with my companions about how everything is a phase. We talked about 2007 - I was in college then, mostly obscured from the economic downturn of that time, and the worst of it was everyone who said not to become a teacher, because there just wouldn't be a job waiting for me. One of the people I was chatting with, however, was an adult with a family and a business in 2007, not obscured at all, and everything crashed around them. 

It made me think, 16 years later, they seem fine, so of course everything is a phase (and hindsight is 20/20). When things crash, you assess the damage and start to pluck things up from the floor. You rebuild. You begin again. And eventually, a new normal presents itself, but in that moment of the crash, it is so hard to see how temporary it all is. 

It also made me think of how precious and fragile everything is. How easily I can lose my job and livelihood. How easily I could lose my house or family. It's motivating and depressing to consider how everything - everything! - is a phase. The hard parts, they'll only last a while. The easy parts, the good parts, the best parts - phases, too. Expiration dates looming.


There's an episode of Bluey in which the titular character asks her mum if she is hard to take care of. This has resonated at my house apparently, because at least once a week, Duke asks me the same question. I waffle, depending on my mood and you know, how difficult he has been on a given day, but usually my answer is "not anymore." 

He can tie his own shoes and is interested in self preservation enough to mostly keep himself safe from harm. He can find his own snacks and takes himself to the bathroom. No, he's not hard to take care of. But yes, he used to be. Everything is a phase. When he was a tiny baby who cried all night long, I could not see my way to where he is now, and I think that's the lesson for me. When things are hard, it's difficult to see the road in front of you that will eventually lead you out. But it is there. Keep trudging. 


Happily, as I take you back to the blanket on the beach with the tortilla chips and the companionship around me,  the 2007 talk eventually turned to this person, arm slung about their love, telling me how good their life is right now. It was not without trudging, but the road led out eventually. 

I think about phases a lot. I think I need near constant reminders to indulge and endure. 


Shopping Break -

I'm planning a Costco trip, mostly because I need new towels and if you can believe it, they have really great ones for such a steal. Huge and fluffy

And then I'll peruse every single aisle and walk out with some truly weird finds. Can't wait!

This sweatshirt looks like I'm leaning really far into my "someone's grandma" era, and maybe I am. Actually, I definitely am. 

I want these shoes for myself, but alas, only in kids sizes. If you have a little girl, please sport these on my behalf. 

I'm always putting things in my Sephora "like" basket, waiting for a sale. I added this glowy hydrating spray this week and I am anxiously awaiting a coupon code. 


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