Links | October 20, 2023

As it turns out, if I'm not complaining about the weather, I have nothing to talk about. 

Links | October 20, 2023 -

Just kidding! There's always work, and laundry and grocery shopping to keep me occupied with plenty of fodder to whine about. Actually that's a joke too. After summer absolutely terrorized me, things are blessedly starting to slow down and I'm really enjoying the slightly less frantic pace. Seasons, eh. So nice to have everything in its time. 

Last weekend, after much pestering, Duke talked me into making a pumpkin pie. He oversaw the process mostly, whisking a bit here and there, and then proceeded to eat exactly one half of a single piece. Ryan and I took care of the rest. I also roasted a chicken, which is one of my favorite Sunday activities. It's so luxurious to spend an entire afternoon looking after a chicken, basting it and whatnot. Then we watched the return of SNL and laughed at Pete Davidson's "I'm Just Ken" parody, and it felt positively cozy. And routine. And that's nice. 

October has gamely been the reprieve I was waiting for and I have a couple weeks off planned in November in December, so I am anticipating, and looking forward to, a deliciously restful end to the year. Universe, don't you freaking dare take that away from me just because I said it aloud. 


1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it, a few things I published recently -

I recently swapped coffee for tea. It's going okay. 

The usual melancholy - everything's a phase. 



In a mom success turned fail, I picked up this Lego Advent Calendar a few weeks ago, patting myself on the back for checking that box extra early this year. Duke spotted it in my trunk last night, so the jig is up. 

I wouldn't go so far as to call it a dupe, but these Target clogs are a nice economical find if you'd rather not invest in Uggs. I don't know, something about this Taza trend feels really short-lived. 

While we're talking about footwear, I want these sneakers. And also these boots

I do not need to get involved with more spendy trends, but this Stanley color might just persuade me. PS - is Stanley the new Yeti?

Okay, finally a 90's trend I'm not mad to see make a comeback. I'd for sure get Duke a gigapet for Christmas

But first, Halloween. I love a good week long holiday puzzle


3 // INTO IT

Feeling a certain way, if you can't tell. 

Links | October 20, 2023 -

Links | October 20, 2023 -

Links | October 20, 2023 -


4 // LINKS

The biggest news of my week was the return of The Crown. Probably spending my weekend rewatching the entire series in preparation. Probably not joking. 

Clear, concise cocktail recipes

Place sounds like a GD dream

Ooh interesting. Things women wish they knew in their 30s, 40x, 50s, etc. 

An absurdly expensive crewneck, and yet, I'm so attracted to it. 

Fun little spooky season weekend activity if your kiddos enjoy joining you in the kitchen. 

What a wonderful thing to keep in mind



Reading:You guys, I have been working my way through A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain for at least two months. It's not a chunk, but it is dense and I'm unwilling to skim even a paragraph. It's taking me forever, but I guess I'm savoring it. 

Eating: I made this Chicken and Potatoes with Dijon Cream Sauce earlier this week to great success. Chefs kiss. 10 out of 10. Next on the agenda, I'd like to try this Cioppino recipe. Seafood is tricky - we shall see! 

Watching: Well you already know I'm committed to revisiting The Crown, obviously. If I can ever hijack the TV from the united front that is my family (and prefers watching things about airplanes, off-roading, and youtube), I'd like to give that House of Usher a try. I keep seeing it pop up on Netflix and I am intrigued


6 // PLANS

This is very exciting to me - tonight I'm going to see David Sedaris at Interlochen. I became fully entranced by Sedaris this summer after listening to an episode of Arm Chair Expert in which he was a 3rd time guest. I laughed a lot during that episode and opted to pick up one of his books - Calypso - which I devoured. Then I placed an order for three more of his books. And another two. And suffice to say I spent my summer with David. 

Ryan has no idea what he's getting into, but he'll be joining me. 

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