Best of 2023 | Blogs, Instagrams, and other Consumables

Welcome to a week of Best Ofs, a series of nice things that came out of this year. This week, I'll be sharing my favorite books, purchases, and other whatnot, culminating with my favorite annual post of the year on NYE, The Best of 2023. Happy holidays folks! 

Best of 2023 | Blogs, Instagrams, and other Consumables



The Crown | I watched this start to finish in Q4, while simultaneously reading biographies about Elizabeth, and Prince Harry’s Spare. I consider myself a Royal Family Historian, at this point. Ask me anything! But mostly just ask me my opinion. 

The White Lotus | I arrived at this series well behind schedule. I think I started it just before the last episode of the second season, mostly because everyone was talking about it on my Instagram feed. This consumed me, guys. Truly. I’ve rewatched both seasons probably 3 times, and Italy was definitely my favorite. Lucia's entrepreneurial prowess! Harper’s outfits (and gives no fucks attitude!) The scenery and the Aperol Spritzes!


I listened to a consistent rotation of Arm Chair Expert, My Favorite Murder, and A Beautiful Mess.

Also enjoyed History Daily from Lindsay Graham. 


I listened to this October playlist from Jess at The Love List on repeat right up until I switched over to a personally curated Christmas playlist. Jen Shoop’s Dishwashing Music playlist was the soundtrack to many an evening kitchen cleanup. 

A few favorite songs from the year (not necessarily, new, just what I listened to and liked a lot): 

  • Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj 
  • Shimmy - Lil Wayne and Doja Cat
  • 6 Inch - Beyonce and The Weeknd. 
  • Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough Music. 


Magpie by Jen Shoop | Essays, motherhood and exquisite shopping recommendations. 

Cup of Jo | quick snappy posts where the investment of your time will be scrolling through the thoughtful comment section. 


Varsity Reader | Links to good reads all over the internet. Good, smart stuff too. 

Hi Everyone with Hillary Kerr | Quality shopping recommendations from someone who just comes off as so normal, but likes nice things. This is how I’d like to describe myself, which is probably my attraction. 

A Big Life | Kate Taylor is a mom, just trying to have her own life too. This is my greatest ambition as well, so I’m buying what she’s selling. 


Things I Bought and Liked | She’s anonymous, which is inspiring, and doesn’t accept brand deals, so everything she shares is literally just things she bought…and liked. I feel like I’ve never trusted an influencer so much. 

Smarter in a Sec | Julia writes the aforementioned Varsity Reader, so following her on Insta was a no-brainer. This is for you if you enjoy smart insights on a whole smattering of genres. 

Jessica Garvin | Somehow, Jessica makes motherhood look aesthetic and magical, while also transparently sharing the chaos. It’s just, like, pretty chaos. 


What about you? What did you consume this year that is worth sharing?

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