Guilty Pleasures | February 2, 2024

Guilty Pleasures | February 2, 2024 -

The end of January and the onset of a new month that isn't about deprivation has me thinking about guilty pleasures. I've been thinking about ying and yang a lot lately, and probably because December is so much drinking and eating and spending money, the early part of January and all it's resolving feels so freaking good. But eventually, a McD's french fry starts sounding real nice too. 

We call them guilty pleasures, but unless you really love something like truly criminal, is it really all that guilty? IDK, but I definitely love some things that I shouldn't.  

A not exhaustive list of things I love but shouldn't: 

McDonalds drive-thru. A number 7 with diet coke, please! 

Peeling off my manicure. 

A 50/50 ratio of coffee to cream. 

Watching and rewatching only my old comfort shows, like Grey's Anatomy, That 70's Show, and SaTC. 

Doritos, cheetos, hint of lime tortilla chips, corn nuts. Gas station snacks for life. 

Buying stuff without trying it on, thinking I can just return it (and then definitely not returning it). 

Eating in my car. 

Costco vodka.

Scrolling on my phone while also watching something on TV. Screens on screens, baby. 

Buying bottles of wine based on how fun the label is. 

What do you love that maybe you shouldn't?


Fun things on the internet this week -

Ooh fun! What's your spiritual age? I'm forever 32. 

Secondhand delight - anonymous confessions via Sunday Scaries.

Have you watched Feud: Capote vs The Swans on hulu yet? It's on my weekend watch list. 

Haha. This is long term love

I bought this chili oil on a whim at Target last week and it officially has a spot on my permanent shopping list. 


Shopping break- 

Spring 2024 JCrew Finds |

Springy J Crew finds to go with this weird spring weather. 


Happy Friday and happy weekending!

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