LINKS | February 16, 2024

I'm a little tapped out on words lately. I didn't post anything last week and I considered letting this week go by too because, like, do I even have anything to say? Not really. This happens every year. It's not quite the winter blues, it's more the winter boredom. But today, if motivation refuses to move from the passenger seat, I'm asking discipline to slip into the driver's. 

LINKS | February 16, 2024

Last weekend, Duke and I ventured to Grand Rapids for a birthday party that amounted to a small family reunion in the end. When I was younger, I ran away from that family as hard and as fast as I could and years nearing decades have separated us. It was a curious experience, tip-toeing back in, and I felt sort of like an emotional hangover the next day. I had a long drive home to overthink every interaction and I relentlessly unloaded my stories on Ryan as they tumbled out for the next 24 hours. I don't want to give the wrong impression, it wasn't a bad trip by any means, more just a blast from the past that made 35 year old me feel like 16 year old me all over again. Except for the part when I was scolding my uncle for offering my kiddo Mountain Dew. That made me feel decidedly old. Ha! 

In a way though, it feels similar to winter. Oh, I know you, I think whenever it comes around. It's comforting in some ways because I know it so well, but old frustrations bubble up when I spend too much time with it. 

Anyway, I've just wallowed in my wintertime malaise for a few weeks, and it makes me think it's somewhat seasonal. I'm learning to accept cycles that I'm powerless against and just go with the flow. February is for feeling blah, regardless of the weather. Maybe it's the seed that grows into obnoxious exhuberance in May. Just in case though, I started taking magnesium because the internet said it'll lift my mood and I think I'd like that. 


1 // ICYMI

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I've been very loyal to the Kristen Ess brand, in large part because it smells nice. After a 6month break to test drive some other stuff that were kind of meh, I'm back and I am especially enjoying these two new additions to my beauty shelf: volumizing mousse and blow dry spray

I set myself a bit of a stretch goal and made this striped bag my imminent reward. I'm begging myself to stay disciplined enough to earn it before it sells out. 

I want to zip into Target to try this on before I buy it, but boy do I love a simple shirtdress. A belt and decent shoes, I'm wearing it to work. Flip flops and a swimsuit, I'm off to the beach. 


3 // INTO IT

LINKS | February 16, 2024

Just start! Via. 


4 // LINKS

TBH I was not expecting to see "goes to the dentist once a year" on this list of how to be happy

Ooh. I really want to try out this Blue Coconut Mai Tai recipe from BYEVIE

It's a little late for new years content, but I really want to read The 12 Week Year. 

My daily dose of woo woo

Please enjoy: Jumping Cats



Reading: I picked up and put down a few books, nothing really hooking me. So my solution to this is always to grab a previously enjoyed book from the shelf, and this time, it's To Kill a Mockingbird. It's been a long time since I've read it and it's so so so good as a repeat read. 

Eating: I picked up this spicy chili oil at Target on a whim and we blitzed through it in a week. It's kind of spendy for a condiment but I promise, I will elevate every single GD thing you eat. 

Watching: Death and Other Details on hulu. A very Knives Out vibe, following a murder on a cruise ship and a full cargo of suspects. 

Listening: Aggressively plowing through the Bad on Paper archives. If you're a mid-thirties gal who likes to read and talk about skincare, this podcast is for you. They started in 2018, but I only just discovered it, so I'm wallowing deep in a pre-pandemic world and boy is it a delight. 


6 // PLANS

My sister and her family are visiting this weekend and we're taking all the kids to Great Wolf Lodge to burn up some energy. And put off the winter blahs for a few days. I'm excited! 

Yesterday was a snow day, a burner I suspect because the weather wasn't really bad at all and nobody else was closed. We haven't had any snow days yet though, so I think the district saw an opportunity to use one up. I had to work so Duke enjoyed a lovely afternoon perched up on the couch watching as much Spiderman and he can consume. His ideal day, I'd say. 

LINKS | February 16, 2024

Happy Friday!

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