Friday | January 26, 2023

A quick assortment of entertaining happenstances recently: 

Duke heard his own voice on a video and had the same reaction we all do. "That's not my voice! That's not what I sound like!" It's a rite of passage, you know, realizing that the world hears you differently than you hear yourself. I laughed. He melted down. 

You guys, boxes have taken over my living room. I've gone a little overboard on buying rugs and a trashcan this month (because hygge) and those come in big packages. Duke has become obsessed with collecting these boxes. We're up to three now, and I put my foot down - one of them has to go. He's been in attorney mode all week, negotiating and pitching me on ideas that somehow let him keep all of them (and presumably every other box that arrives in perpetuity). I'll say the boxes provide hours of entertainment that isn't a screen - decorating and what have you - but three is excessive. I remain unconvinced. 

I helped Ryan shovel off our deck, which is not an ideal way to spend a Saturday morning, but he effectively motivated me by suggesting the weight of knee deep snow could cause it to collapse. Folks, this deck is the sole reason I agreed to buy this house. I'm not losing it. Two hours later, my arms were shaky from the physical exertion that is very untypical for me, but the next day I enjoyed the delicious soreness that accompanies pushing oneself. We can do hard things! 


A picture of the aforementioned new rug and collection of boxes. I honestly forgot there is also a mini-wheats box in the mix, too - | Alessia Dark Wood Rug


A couple more things - 

Haha. This Buzzfeed quiz very accurately guessed my age

My #1 Parenting Rule

What was it like to eat with Anthony Bourdain

If you're looking for something to read, here's my favorite books from 2023

Have you been checking out your Spotify Daylist? The gist is that Spotify (or its AI) knows you so well, it can put together an oft changing playlist based on you, your preferences, and the time of day. A coworker brought this to my attention and I've been obsessed ever since, particularly with the playlist titles. This morning is Main Character Fanficore, which I don't know what that means, but the songs are BOPS. 


Shopping Break

Placed a Sephora order earlier this week and I am very excited to try out this By Mario lip balm and this Stila eyeliner

Wanting to try ELF Camp Liquid Blush, which looks suspiciously like a Rare Beauty dupe. 

Picked up this Avengers game on a whim. It's kind of like Connect 4, but with The Hulk and Black Widow. You're trying to make a line of five, but so is your opponent and they're seeing a very different game board. Good for a quick 5 minute round before bed, or a long lazy set while watching a movie. 

Trying to find this sold out Sister shirt on Poshmark. I think I'm missing my sisters. 

Everything at looks so cheerful and fun! 


A short one this week. I'll be back early next with a January edition of Life Lately. 

Happy Friday!

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