Links | March 15, 2024

Happy St. Pats to all who go out and do something. How lucky, indeed! To have it fall on a weekend was my college dream come true. 

A few years ago, Ryan and I went to Chicago to visit some friends over St. Pat's weekend and wow, now there's a city that goes hard. We raged as much as two couples in their mid-thirties can, and then our friends went on to start having babies and I have literally never seen the wife again. I consider this our last night out and tbh it was a good one. My most powerful memory from that weekend is standing in line in a huge glass Starbucks the next morning and concentrating all of my energy on not tipping over or barfing. 

Ten minutes later, we took this picture of Ryan and I in front of a very green river, looking healthy and not at all hungover. What a wonderful ruse - the power of photography, you know? 

Links | March 15, 2024


1 // ICYMI

Everything I've written recently -

Little luxuries I love. Like fountain coke and gas station snacks. 

Life Lately in February (in a little different format). 

Why I took my kid off the internet.

The last batch of links.  



Well, you know Easter is on my mind. My son is V into squishmallows these days, so I picked up a "mystery" squish egg for his basket fully expecting him to go bananas. 

Do you participate in Lent? I do and I know it's supposed to be for Jesus, but I'm doing it for this Boden purse. I told myself if I kept my Lent promises this year, I'd buy it at the end and the countdown is officially on. 

I'm thinking spring, which is how I justify restocking my favorite J. Crew flip flops

Very niche, but on Ryan's recommendation, I bought this Drift air freshener for my car and it is premier. I got the teak scent and I am telling you, there is no better smelling car than mine (and Ryan's). 


3 // INTO IT

Links | March 15, 2024 -
The most charming piece of artwork. Plus so much more

Links | March 15, 2024 -
Another good Etsy find that I'd like to hang in my house. I don't believe I have ghosts to beware of, but I do think it's hilarious. 


4 // LINKS

New Kacey Musgraves music! I really enjoyed her SNL performance a couple weeks ago, too. 

I fell down the “Kate is missing!” rabbit hole, reading this overview from a former royal news reporter. I don’t think it’s actually that weird to have a medical thing going on and want some privacy, and I’m not making the case that it’s any of my business to know, but I do think there’s probably something weird brewing. 

Ooh interesting! This daily routine graph shows how the creative greats spent their days. The variety is inspiring! The way none of them seem to spend more than a few hours at a day job is validating in a weird way. 

Duke can read now, and we usually read our stories in tandem. He takes a page, then I take a page, and so on and so forth. I loved this list of "best pages of my favorite children's books." 

Related: Good Dog, Carl was a favorite here for years, for all the obvious reasons. 

Lindsay Lohan is back

Related: Irish Wish is on my weekend watch list, no matter how cheesy. 



Reading: I just finished Demon Copperhead, which I may have overhyped for myself. To be fair, it won a dang Pulitzer, but I thought it was just okay. I'm a die-hard for Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible, so that may have set my expectations impossibly high, but mostly I just sad about the whole book. Which is probably the point of a book about a scrappy kid in the foster system who just keeps getting kicked while he's down. But dang. 

Watching: Do I care about golf? Not a bit. But that hasn’t stopped me from becoming completely obsessed with Full Swing on Netflix. Truly riveting profiles about a whole flock of men who don’t have much humility. That’s sounds sour, but I’m so into this show right now. It feels like elevated reality tv, tbh. 

Listening: Ariana Grande's new album Eternal Sunshine. Listen, I haven't suffered a relationship breakup in a looooong time, but I am bopping to Bye like I got some heartbreak to work through. 

Eating: Shameless Snacks, omg. On a whim, I grabbed a pack of the low sugar gummies and if you’ve ever tried an alternative and immediately tossed them in the trash with your teeth permanently cemented together, I implore you to give these a shot. If I didn’t know they are low sugar, I would never guess. So so good. 


6 // PLANS

My entire family has been awake since 4:30am this morning, which feels particularly criminal for a Saturday. It's not a great omen, but I'm committed to turning it around or at least squeezing in a nap this afternoon. 

What about you? Any St. Pat's plans? I won't be drinking any green beer, that's for dang sure. I remember when Sunday used to feel like part of the weekend, but now it's just a pregame for Monday and if I don't use the day to properly prepare, I'll spend the next five days in catch-up hell. The thirties, they say, are better than your twenties, and I'd just like to point out when I was 25, I didn't spend my Sunday doing laundry and meal prepping, okay?

However you spend it, happy weekending! 

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