Little Luxuries

Little Luxuries |

Is there anything nicer than the first warm day in the spring? On Sunday, I perched up on our front porch while Duke played in the yard. A return to old habits and it was just nice. I got me thinking about other small things that are supremely enjoyable. Thing like: 

Fountain Diet Coke

Pasta with salt and a sprinkle of parm. 

FRIENDS on in the background while I'm cooking dinner. 


Reading magazines at the beach.

Having siblings.

Just small things that, if I pause for a second to consider it, make for very happy moments. You know, walking through a hot parking lot holding a big gulp? Nothing like it. The ping of a new message on our sisters text message thread. Standing in the driveway, opening a surprise card that came in the mail. It's so nice. 

What are your small luxuries? 


Shopping Break --

Did I talk about these last week? I can't remember, but in any case, I am reporting out that I am TWO WEEKS in on these press on nails from Olive and June. You wouldn't believe how many loads of laundry and emails I've tapped out, and on they cling. For a $7 impulse buy, I think those are some good results. 

Another holy grail find - Ryan has one of these unique air fresheners in his car and it smells so freaking good. I ordered one for myself this week. I picked the teak scent, and I am feeling V sophisticated, such is the vibe. 

My sweet baby boy blew up my hair dryer last weekend. He was using it to blow up balloons, which lol but now I have air-dried hair every day this week and this cannot continue. I'm in the market for something new and wondering if I should invest in something high end (and a drawer with a lock) or keep it economical, pending another mishap. I'm very nearly sold on the promises of no noise on this one

Speaking of that little angel, I'm thinking just a little ahead here, but this is a great addition to the Easter basket for lego loving kiddos. 


Last thing, I just wanted to share this simple graphic I saw on Pinterest this week. I immediately saved it as I want to remember this always. I often fantasize about a dream life. Things like, how much I want to live in a walkable neighborhood that is also on the water. Or working from home full time. Or writing for a living. You know, silly stuff that feels as far away as winning the lottery. But then...

Little Luxuries |

Isn't it wonderful? 

Happy Friday!

PS - there are some affiliate links in here, but aren't they everywhere? If you click on a link, they'll throw me a couple pennies for our combined hardwork, so I guess click with caution. 

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