What I'm Watching | June 2020

I would like to tell you first and foremost the dirty that Amazon did when they pulled Sex and the City off of Prime in the middle of a GD quarantine. I'm not likely to forget that maneuver.

Luckily, there are a few other things to watch and I guess it did technically kick me out of my comfortable rotation of just watching and rewatching an old episode of SatC or Friends or Madmen. Betty and Don, you're all I have left.

The Last Dance - ESPN

The Last Dance Michael Jordan Documentary on ESPN

This doc is centered around the rise of Michael Jordan while he was with the Chicago Bulls, but it's also very thorough, so we get interviews and sideline stories from Scotty Pippen and the rest of the gang. I'm not really into basketball - or any sport really - but this documentary was riveting. You don't have to be here for the sport. You can be here to admire Michael Jordan's competitive drive, or grab the human side of Dennis Rodman, or just feel the nostalgia of the early '90s in general. I'm frankly in awe of the athleticism - some people are just not regular humans.

Cool perk if you're not into basketball is not knowing what comes next. I mean, it's history, so if you actually watched the games in the '90s, you already know the devastating losses and killer wins. If you don't, it's all a very fun surprise.

Off the Cuf - AmazonPrime

Off the Cuf on Amazon Prime

Very random. Very into it. It feels a little self-made and probably low-budget, but that's speculation.

So we've got two film-makers who head to various communities that have made some kind of reputation for themselves by being a little unusual. For instance, in episode 2, they head to Greenbank, WV - the only completely tech-free community in the US. Seriously, no cell phones and a couple of folks make you raise your eyebrows a bit when they suggest they can feel when someone sneaks wi-fi into the city limits. In episode 8, they hit up the Iowa 80 - the largest truck stop in the world. Basically, it's a series of short documentaries about interesting people, deeply invested in a unique lifestyle.

Right now it's free to stream if you have Prime, but you know my feelings on those dorks, so I say watch it while it's available. And hurry.

Prop Culture - Disney+

Prop Culture on Disney Plus

Get ready to just feel good. Disney expertly does that, you know?

This is another series of small documentaries in which each episode tracks down relics and props from some of the best-loved Disney movies. We're talking Mary Poppin's carousel horse and Jack Sparrow's hat. The host, Dan Lanigan, tracks down members of the cast and crew and private collection holders, and talks his way into the Disney warehouses. It's so interesting.

Family-friendly, without being totally aimed at kids. Thank you Disney+ for things that are interesting enough for grown-ups to watch without any of the "f" words for Duke to tell me immediately "are not nice to say, right Mama? Right we don't say fuck, right?"

Guilty Pleasures:

Just to be clear though, you didn't think I totally gave up my comfort shows, did you? No way -- I'm a glutton for rewatching stuff I know I like or just having it play in the background while I'm cooking or something. I just like hearing those familiar voices, you know?

No Reservations - Hulu

Anthony Bourdain is a delight and even though there's only two seasons available on Hulu, I will just watch and rewatch them until I'm dead. I never get bored of listening to people talk about food, or Tony's endless salty wit sprinkled throughout each episode.

Madmen - Netflix

Season 1 is still my favorite, and I haven't watched the last half of the final season. It gives me an irrational sense that it's not over yet. Spoiler Alert: I still don't get how Peggy was pregnant and had no idea. Babies are basically tiny acrobats with a real penchant for stabbing lungs and other places with those tiny feet.


Now that it's so dang nice out and it stays that way until 10pm, these things are getting a backseat to sitting outside, but I do have a few things on my watch list. I'll get to them eventually. I'm particularly looking forward to binging Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On (Netflix) and finishing Rocketman (Amazon Prime). I'm about halfway through Rocketman and it's a good one.

What are you guys watching? Anything to add to my watchlist?

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