Round Up: Summer Manicure Inspiration for Every Skill Level

Aka - I'll skip right to level easy, because that's my basic speed.

But for real. I love nail art and I have tried every crazy trend. I did water marbling (and learned it's mesmerizing to watch, but self-inflicted insanity to try). I bought stampers and plates and if you don't know what I'm talking about, check them out here. And honestly, just searching Amazon for those kind of made me willing to try them again. But my experience was most eh. I am currently enthralled with the DIY gel kits and UV lights I keep seeing (#thanksquarantine) but haven't pulled the trigger.

What I've learned about my skillset is that I'm really a one solid color kinda gal when it comes to the at-home manicure and there are plenty of gorgeous manicures that make feel pretty okay with that. But if snazzy is your thing, well I'm here for that too.

There is something so beautiful about a good glitter polish, and bonus, when it chips you can't tell. I like to wear this gold flecked one from Sephora. I also love a good red, and OPI Cajun Shrimp is my summer go-to. It has a nice orange undertone that works really nicely with a tan.

If you've got a steady hand, or the patience to tape off half your fingers, I think these are totally doable. 

Listen, I'd 100% go into these thinking they're easy enough, but "easy enough" is the battle cry that premeditates me throwing things against a wall. Personally, I'd leave these up to a steady-handed professional, but since they're all closed right now, I wish you godspeed and good luck.


And hey - let's just quickly talk quarantine self-care. What are you DIY'ing?

I've bleached my hair, cut it twice, and considered pink dye again. I'm one bad day away from a summer camp style belly button piercing.

What are you brave enough to try? And more importantly, at what boundary is your hard nope?

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